VIDEO: Ann Coulter Gets Serious About Travel Ban-Blocking Judges


President Trump’s attempts at keeping America safe from the worry of international terrorism have twice been stifled by federal judges.

The politically-motivated stunts performed by these meddling judiciaries have been the subject of great ridicule among conservative pundits, citing the disturbing lack of background investigations of these supposed asylum-seekers as a very real cause for concern regarding their motives.  Trump’s temporary, and necessary, travel ban was aimed solely at halting the influx of possibly dangerous people into the United States while our immigration policies could be transformed to accommodate a more stringent procedure.

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Of course, both attempts at using executive order to create such a workspace environment have been struck down by meddling leftist judges, and that has left Americans not only vulnerable to radical Islamic terrorism being imported to the nation every day, but it has left a great many citizens of our nation furious.  Ann Coulter is one of them.

In the clip below, Coulter’s frustration is quite apparent.  Her solution to the issue of these judges, and where they are sticking their noses, is priceless.

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