Veterans’ Memorial Resurrected By Residents After County’s Removal

Residents of King County, Washington are proud of the military veterans that sacrificed it all to protect their freedoms, and have banded together to reinforce that belief.

For years, a roadside memorial emblazoned with the stars and stripes has stood proudly off of the shoulder of a Preston, Washington highway.  The yet-unknown creator of the memorial had installed the monument in order to honor the sacrifice of our nation’s military veterans, prompting locals to look upon the patriotic display with a sense of pride.

In the world of social justice, “triggering”, and “micro aggressions”, however, the opinions of the majority are no longer valid.  After one complaint, county officials felt inclined to remove the monument as to not offend the incensed citizen.

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Now, after bewilderment struck the community that viewed the monument as wonderfully symbolic, residents of Preston have banded together to reinstall the display.

“Officials also insisted that despite its years of being in the same location, whoever erected the memorial never got permission to put the display beside the roadway.

“None of this mattered to local residents, who were incensed that the county removed the long-standing memorial.

“’People were really, really upset about this,’ one local resident told Fox 57.

“Supporters of the memorial were also upset that a single complaint could cause the display to be removed against the will of the majority.

“’One person says they don’t like it, and they take it down. I don’t understand,’ a Preston resident said. ‘We live in the United States of America. This is our flag. Why is it offensive?’”

This is simply the latest incident in which the radical left has attacked our nation’s flag.

The election of Donald Trump, and the concurrent conservative uprising in America, has proven to be far too dangerous to the country’s democratic base.  With their party imploding, their only hope to stay relevant is to lead an all-out assault on the right wing of American politics, in hopes that they can capture some malleable millennials before they begin thinking for themselves.  To do so, the left has tapped into the ever-annoying “social justice” scene that makes a crime out of anything…including the American flag.

By claiming that the monument is “offensive”, one leftist citizen has invoked the wrath of the social justice army whose job it is to oppose any and all things conservative.

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