Deep State

Veterans Affairs Candidate Drowned by D.C. Swamp Monsters

The “resistance” to President Donald Trump has been a true hinderance to the evolution of our great nation, and, even over a year into his first term, The Donald seems to have little recourse.

It’s the liberal vitriol that seems to be fueling this nonsense as well, with stunts like the Kathy Griffin faux-beheading of the President simply amplifying the already horrific sentiments of the progressive punks who are out for blood…both literally and figuratively.

Much of this “resistance” has come to us from what the President begrudgingly refers to as “The Swamp” – a collection of D.C. insiders and Deep State operatives who are unequivocally threatened by the President’s non-political pedigree, and his insistence on returning American power to We The People.  These powerful politicians, on both sides of the aisle, have covertly been working to stymy the Commander in Chief in recent months in order to preserve their own ridiculous roost within the world of “public servitude”.

And not only are these obstructionists working to stifle any opinion the President has, they have also been getting to work on dismantling his future cabinet.

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White House physician Ronny Jackson announced that he would withdraw from consideration for the Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

“Going into this process, I expected tough questions about how to best care for our veterans, but I did not expect to have to dignify baseless and anonymous attacks on my character and integrity,” Jackson said in a statement to reporters released by the White House.

Jackson announced his decision after Senator Jon Tester released a two-page list of unproven allegations smearing Trump’s nominee, who served as the White House physician for three different presidents.

President Donald Trump nominated the White House physician as Secretary of Veterans Affairs, but faced stiff opposition from both Republicans and Democrats in the Senate.

Jackson was attacked this week by political operatives opposed to the President, claiming that the physician was some sort of notorious drunk who was intoxicated on the job, and had wrecked official government vehicles during an episode of drunk driving.

Of course this unverified behavior was immediately adopted by The Swamp in order to impugn Jackson, while the democrats still attempt to hide evidence of Hillary Clinton’s own drunken brawling on election night – despite a number of eyewitnesses to the chaos.

The President has certainly survived more savvy attempts at sabotage in his scant time in office, but Jackson’s abuse belies a new low for The Swamp and their Deep State denizens.  If it is any consolation, we at least now know exactly where the President stands within this particular group of Swamp creatures.


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