Venezuelan Socialism Leads to Demographic Winter [VIDEO]


In response to the crisis brought about by Venezuelan socialism, more women are getting sterilized.

The Washington Post refuses to blame Venezuelan socialism, naming instead “years of government mismanagement.” The government tried to manage the entire economy. That, by definition, is mismanagement.

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In response to the crisis brought about by Venezuelan socialism, women are making decisions that are understandable but economically disastrous for the country:

In crisis-hit Venezuela, where raising a family is an increasingly grueling and expensive task, a growing number of young women are choosing to be sterilized.

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With inflation spiraling out of control, food and medicine supplies dwindling and violent crimes on the rise, women as young as 27 are seeking out surgeons to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

A study by PLAFAM, the biggest family planning clinic in the country, estimates that about 23 percent more Venezuelan women are being sterilized today as compared to four years ago, said the clinic’s director, Enrique Abache. “The financial crisis is one of the main causes for this,” he explained.

Years of government mismanagement have fueled what is now a full-blown humanitarian crisis in a country where infant mortality has almost doubled in recent years. A study of nearly 1,500 adults last year by a group of academic and social-service groups found that 87 percent of them lacked enough money to buy the food they needed.

The article contains quotes from women that seem to indicate that permanent surgical operations are more affordable than ad hoc contraception. This is hard to understand. As I read the article trying to understand the economics, I guessed that one possibility is that Venezuelan socialism is producing shortages of items that should be cheaper. The article goes on to confirm that is certainly the case when it comes to baby supplies as well as cheaper birth control methods.

In a country where government-subsidized products are the most affordable but the least available, mothers often spend whole days searching for milk powder or diapers. Those who can’t find them are simply forced to go without or turn to the black market, where these products are often readily available at inflated prices.

The shortage of traditional contraceptive methods like condoms has also fueled the rise in sterilization.

So, the government, by making certain things “cheaper,” has actually made them mostly unaffordable.

This should remind you of our own experience with Obamacare.

But it gets worse. Not only has Venezuelan socialism caused shortages of contraceptives, it has subsidized permanent sterilization.

Sterilization can be expensive, running around $1,500, an exorbitant price for the average Venezuelan. Many women participate in “sterilization days,” during which they can get free or reduced-rate operations under a program run by the government and nonprofit groups. The program has become increasingly popular, with slots booked months in advance.

Note the mention of “nonprofit groups.” These would be groups funded by Western elites dedicated to preventing population growth among “undesirables.” Everyone pretends to hate eugenics but it is still the reigning philosophy among progressives.

So, Venezuelan socialism has provided an opportunity. “Never let a crisis go to waste.” When the economy recovers, these women will not be able to undo their decision. No one will be giving them money to do so. And the decline in births will be a long term drag on the economy.

And this problem reaches further than Venezuelan socialism. Western, debt-spending welfare states are producing their own financial crises, which then result in fewer births. And fewer babies means a worse financial crisis in the future.

Consider Japan, where it has already started:

I’ve seen signs of economic optimism after the Trump election. If nothing else happens but we get an increase in the birth rate as a result of the Trump Presidency, that would be a great economic blessing for the future.

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