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Vehicle Catastrophe in Spain: Driver Flees After Mowing Down Crowd

The use of vehicles to commit terror has become a shocking new trend in the world today.

Europe has been especially affected by this heinous new tactic in the world of radical Islamic terror, as a the EU’s strict gun control policies and absurdly relaxed border controls clash to create a safe haven for jihadist behind the wheel.  France, Germany, and England have all faced horrific tragedy as vehicles careened through crowds and busy city streets, all in the name of instilling fear in the hearts of non-Muslims.

Now, it looks possible that Spain has joined the unfortunate ranks of car attack nations in Europe.

“Spanish police have confirmed a truck has struck a crowd on a popular tourist street in central Barcelona in what they are calling a terror attack, with local media claiming there are up to 20 injured and one or two dead.

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“According to reports, the van involved in the incident left the road and entered the pedestrianized area of the walk and drove through the crowds until it crashed into a kiosk. Spanish police were quick to identify the incident as a ‘terrorist attack’ and said the attackers had fled the scene.

“Spanish newspaper El Pais reports two attackers are now “entrenched” in a bar in the nearby Raval de Barcelona district. The men are reported to be armed, and to have taken hostages.

“It is not clear whether the attacker has been arrested, but police called on social media users to not share images of the ongoing counter-terror operation, which may suggest concern doing so could help suspects avoid capture.”

The European terror siege will likely continue until the EU puts their border security back to 100%.

In the wake of the Syrian refugee crisis, the European Union pushed mandates for its member nations to reach a certain quota of migrants relocated within their borders.  In order to achieve these numbers, many EU member nations were forced to relax their otherwise adequate border control policies in the name of speed.  This allowed radical Islamic terror groups such as ISIS to exploit the refugee crisis in order to move their operatives throughout the continent.  Since that time, Europe has experienced a terrorism surge the likes of which the world has never seen.

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