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Vegas Shooter’s Odd Behaviors Revealed in 2013 Deposition

While the motive behind Stephen Paddock’s mass shooting in Las Vegas last weekend has yet to be revealed to the public, new information is helping American’s paint a picture of the madman.

Paddock, who was a 64 year old retired multimillionaire with legitimate gambling skills, has a scant online presence and few familial interactions with loved ones, making his historical profile an elusive thing for investigators on the case.  What little we do know about Stephen Paddock has been culled from interviews with the few human beings that knew him best:  His girlfriend, who was in the Philippines at the time of the rampage, and his brother, who insisted that Stephen was a normal guy.

Now, after Paddock took a spill in a Las Vegas hotel in 2013 which resulted in a bit of litigation, those court documents are being reexamined for any clues that they might hold.  In one deposition in the case, a pattern of odd behavior from the soon-to-be shooter has emerged.

“Paddock’s testimony offers little insight into what could have prompted last week’s attack. He said that he had no mental health issues, no history of addiction and no criminal record.

 “He said he was prescribed Valium ‘for anxiousness’ by Nevada internist Steven P. Winkler. It was unclear how often he took the drug, but he estimated that he had 10 or 15 pills remaining in a bottle of 60 that were prescribed a year and a half earlier.
“Paddock described himself as something of a rolling stone who split his time among California, Nevada, Texas and Florida, traveling at one point ‘maybe upwards of three weeks out of a month.’
One pattern of behavior, however, was far more consistent and strange than others:  His propensity for gambling.
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“His de facto home was often one of the casinos, where he stayed in rooms that were provided for free ‘95% of the time.’ Hotels often provide free rooms and amenities to big gamblers to entice them back to their casinos.

 “He described himself as being, at one point, the ‘biggest video poker player in the world.’
“‘How do I know that?’ Paddock asked rhetorically. ‘Because I know some of the video poker players that play big. Nobody played as much and as long as I did.’
“At the height of his play in 2006, he testified, ‘I averaged 14 hours a day, 365 days a year.’
“‘I’ll gamble all night,’ he said. ‘I sleep during the day.’
“Asked if he ever visited the hotel pool, Paddock replied, ‘I do not do sun.'”
These revelations will likely be woven into a gargantuan tapestry by the FBI, who are actively pursuing any information possible in the case.
Paddock’s motive in the shooting has eluded investigators to an obscene degree, and has prompted authorities to issue a public plea for help in the case.

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