Vegas Hacker Conference Cracks Voting Machines in Record Time

The democrats may have believed that their hacker problems were long gone, but an event in Las Vegas this weekend has proven them wrong.  Again.

Democratic politicians have long denied the existence of American voter fraud.  Whether the claims are of zombie voters registered long after their death, illegal aliens waltzing into ballot booths, or intrepid liberals going from precinct to precinct, the left just simply avoids the reality of the situation.

It’s not ignorance in this case, (although that is a common trait of the American democrat).  No, in the case of voter fraud, the left simply exploits the practice, necessitating a narrative in which they convince the nation that it just plain doesn’t occur.  What better way to cheat than by employing a maneuver that you deny exists?

One of the more sophisticated ways in which election day disaster can occur is through the use of cyber warfare, in which hackers actively work to gain access to electronic voting machines in order to change tallies.  The threat has been covered extensively in the past, particularly in any election that Hillary Clinton has been a part of….no one puts anything past her criminality.

Now, however, we have actual data to suggest just how simple this Hollywood-style incineration of our sacred right to vote can be, all thanks to a hacking convention in the American desert.

“Hackers at Las Vegas’ annual DEF CON event were tasked with breaking into computer-powered ballot boxes simulating a race for the White House.

“It took under 90 minutes for tech-savvy attendees to physically open the machines and break down the system’s defenses, according to The Register U.K.

“One of the booths was wirelessly hacked by a participant, the publication reported.

“Jake Braun, who got DEF CON founder Jeff Moss to agree to the challenge idea earlier this year, told The Register that the exercise proves just how vulnerable the U.S. is to voter fraud.

“’Without question, our voting systems are weak and susceptible. Thanks to the contributors of the hacker community today, we’ve uncovered even more about exactly how,’ he said.”

As 2020 continues to loom on the horizon, this particular achievement will likely be referenced for years to come.

Voter fraud is not only a mathematical problem, however.  Certainly, the ability of liberal cyber warriors to change the outcome of an election is a serious concern for Americans, but more worrisome still is the mindset that leads a political ethos down the path of fraudulent exploitation of our rights.

Voting is one of the most beautiful examples of our unique American freedom.  By molesting and perverting that all-important process, the democrats’ voter fraud schemes aren’t simply mathematical attacks on our government.  Rather, this attitude of the radical left, that votes should count for more if they were cast by a democrat, is intrinsically unAmerican.

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