Vatican Refuses Public Comment on Unholy Pennsylvania Child Abuse Scandal

There are certain crimes in this world that are unforgivable.

The crimes we speak of are not ordinary by any means.  Certainly, murder is a crime that strikes the most basic tone of disgust with us, but there are those who find it in their hearts to forgive those who take another life.

No, we’re talking about the next level, upper echelon of evil.  Human trafficking, forced prostitution, slavery, and, of course, pedophilia.  These are the unforgivable crimes, by any standard of decency whatsoever, and it is our duty as human beings to expose such vile and repugnant perversions as often as needed, no matter the size or scope of the issue and it perpetrators.

The Catholic Church can’t seem to understand this.

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As John Nolte from Breitbart explains:

The Vatican had “no comment” when asked about hundreds of Pennsylvania priests sexually abusing a thousand children.

Where is Pope Francis?

Where is the moral leader of the Catholic Church?

Where is the compassionate, accessible Wheelchair Pope, the Energizer Bunny Pope, the Cynicism-Busting Pope who has always been so eager to comment on every hot button issue, from Global Warming to immigration to homosexuality?

I know where Francis is not. He is not where he should be, in Pennsylvania overseeing a revolutionary and historic house cleaning of a satanic cancer that infects his Church, a 70-year-old cancer of priests and bishops and cardinals who are guilty of either engaging in an organized cabal to rape little boys and girls, or in covering up those unspeakable crimes.

There is no where to hide in this digital age, and the assumed sanctimony that pedophile priests the world over have enjoyed is beyond reproach.

The Catholic Church has a serious, inexcusable, and undeniable problem, and if they are unwilling to fix it, what choice does that leave the rest of us?

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