North Korea

Vast Majority Of Trump Supporters Ready To Strike North Korea

North Korea’s latest provocation of the United States has many Americans on edge, and with good reason.

Kim Jong Un had a timely Independence Day “present” for the United States, in the form of a successful launch of his latest intercontinental ballistic missile that North Korea claims is capable of delivering a nuclear warhead to the United States.  The projectile was by far the most impressive of North Korea’s test launches, traveling nearly 2,000 miles into the atmosphere before crashing back into the ocean.  The missile’s distance capabilities could easily surpass 4,000 miles, according to experts.

Now, with an erratic dictator aiming nuclear weapons our way, President Trump must react.  But how exactly should the President take Kim to task for this latest stunt?  Many believe it’s time to strike the diminutive despot with the force of world’s most powerful military.

“65% of Trump supporters would back a military strike on North Korea, according to a new poll.

“The Twitter poll, which received almost 30,000 votes, asked ‘If Trump launched a military strike on North Korea, would you support it?’

“The numbers that would back a military strike seem significantly higher than those who supported aggression against Syria following April’s cruise missile strike, an event that split Trump’s base.

“During a speech in front of the United Nations, Ambassador Nikki Haley warned that sanctions wouldn’t be enough to stop Kim Jong-Un’s dictatorship and that the U.S. was prepared to use ‘our considerable military forces’.

“’Time is short. Action is required. The world is on notice,’ she said.”

North Korea’s strategic alliances and proximity to U.S. allies makes the situation far more delicate than the Syrian conflict that Trump dipped his toes into with a pinpoint airstrike earlier this year.

North Korea is believed to be in possession of several nuclear devices, fueled by both plutonium and hydrogen, making the weapons far more powerful than those dropped on Japan during the waning days of World War II.  Should Trump strike North Korea, there is every reason to believe that Kim will retaliate by detonating such a device over South Korea or possibly even Japan.  The action taken by our President mustn’t be a half-measure by any mean, lest our friends in the South Pacific become victims themselves.

Likely fueling the opinions of the polled is the recent death of Otto Warmbier, and American who fell ill while imprisoned in a diabolical DPRK death camp.  He was returned to the U.S. nearly a year after becoming comatose at the hands of his North Korean captors, with no brain activity whatsoever.  The incident sparked international outrage and renewed calls for the world to intervene on the behalf of those imprisoned within the Holocaust-syle concentration camps scattered throughout the North Korean countryside.

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