Guess What Vanderbilt’s Student Insurance Plan Now Covers

For those of traditional conservative values and the Christian faith, the writing has been on the wall for year; no, decades. But now, there can be no doubt that there has to be a wholesale abandonment of state-run and major universities.

It is bad enough that they are the haven of Humanists teachers, communist proselytizers and have given us such things as safe zones and the end of free speech on campus. But not only that, they have begun to do much worse.

The Washington Post reports

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Vanderbilt University’s student insurance plan will cover transgender-related surgeries starting this year, a move school officials hailed as creating a more inclusive environment for transitioning students.

Vanderbilt Vice Provost for Learning and Residential Affairs Cynthia Cyrus told The Tennessean that the change was made after a routine annual review of the university’s student health care plan.

“It was relatively noncontroversial on our side,” Ms. Cyrus said. “It was maybe a two-paragraph conversation, not deeply debated in any way.”

It is this kind of thing that we will be sending our children to be exposed to that should cause us to pause. What will they learn? According to Christ, they will become like their teachers.

Luke 6:40

A pupil is not above his teacher; but everyone, after he has been fully trained, will be like his teacher.

What will they be taught is normal?  More importantly, what will they begin to accept as normal as they become “fully trained?” The most painful thing for parents paying for their child’s education is that they are paying for the “transition.”

I know that we cannot cut off all companies and organizations that support such madness, but we do need to realize that there is something to not giving your money for these young people to mutilate themselves.

Think about the fact that most of the people this will affect are not old enough to legally purchase alcohol. So a twenty-year-old man is not responsible enough to have and consume beer, but he is responsible enough to have his genitalia removed?

This is America and Americans slipping into madness of the first rate.

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