VA Scandal Gets More Money for VA and No Reform (SHOCK VIDEO)

The VA scandal is not over and we now know that 215 veterans died waiting for care in one hospital.

New facts about the VA scandal continue to dribble out, probably in the hope that people will forget what happened.

Notice one of the dynamics is that, when a government agency fails, and even engages in criminal activity that evidently leads to the loss of life, it gets more cash at taxpayer expense.

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The same phenomenon is at work in the VA scandal as I have noticed since 9/11 in other departments of government. Massive government failure is always blamed on a lack of money and power. Give them more of both, and government agents claim that next time it will be different.

In the meantime, those who were given authority to make sure the government agency did its job never get demoted or removed from service. In the case of the VA scandal we seem to have an exception to the rule: someone was forced to retire. But that means he is set for life. Meanwhile, 215 veterans are still dead.

I know that some of those veterans would probably have died anyway. But the fact that they died on an illegal waiting list reveals a great deal about our government and the troops. Our soldiers are recruited on the basis of promises about how they will be taken care of. But once the government uses them on the battlefield, it doesn’t seem too concerned about fulfilling those promises. I suspect some veterans feel like they have been used up and thrown away.

Only Donald Trump supports action that would change the status quo. As I wrote a couple of months ago:

The same impulse that made primary voters choose a non-politician is going to be a factor in the general election. While people may wonder whether Trump will be able to keep his promises, there is no question that Hillary Clinton and the Democrats have a habit of neglecting the troops (the VA scandal is their scandal) and destabilizing the Middle East (even when it brings them into conflict with Russia for actually opposing terrorism rather than trying to use it for regime change).

Meanwhile, Donald Trump repeatedly calls for removing and disciplining Federal workers who violate their duty and neglect the troops (see 30:35 and following in the speech). If he were trying to make it easier to win the presidency, according to conventional wisdom, he would not say things to antagonize government workers and their unions.

If no one is held accountable, the problems will continue.

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