Using Economic Fear against Trump: The Anti-Brexit Strategy

The establishment is using economic fear as a weapon against Trump, even though if didn’t work in the U.K.

I warned last month that the establishment would campaign for a bailout using economic fear, just like they used as an anti-Brexit strategy. None of their dire warnings came true for Brexit and there’s no reason to trust them now.

But we don’t have to wait for an actual financial crash. The establishment is using economic fear against Donald Trump, trying to promote Hillary Clinton.

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I, myself, don’t agree with all of Trump’s economic proposals, but these dire warnings are absurd. They are partly absurd because they don’t tell us who the trends will hurt. For many wealthy people the collapse in oil prices is a disaster. But what about the middle class? Obviously, sinking prices are a direct advantage.

Likewise, it may be that Trump will reverse the flow of money from the middle class to the one percent. I’m not going to weep if that happens.

Also, economic decline is likely to happen no matter who is President. The media helped Obama blame the economy on Bush for eight years. Yet they will pin all economic problems on Trump before he even takes office.

Notice that these “nonpartisan” economists never warn us about financial terrorists like Janet Yellen and her vice chair at the Federal Reserve. Only outsiders like Trump are ever blamed.

Remember, after the 2008 financial crisis, Barack Obama kept the same network of cronies in power that had overseen the economic implosion. Hank Paulson (Bush’s Secretary of the Treasury) and Ben Bernanke (Chairman of the Federal Reserve) were never questioned in the mainstream media. Timothy Geithner and Janet Yellen came from the same group using the same playbook.

The media treats anyone who diverges from these criminal incompetents as a kook. They ascribe everything good in the economy as a result of their leadership and tell us that Trump is risky.

Riskier than the establishment that plundered $750 billion from Americans to keep themselves rich and powerful? Donald Trump should respond with the same line he used for African Americans:

“What have you got to lose?!”

For myself, I’m so enraged ever since that TARP bailout that I don’t care if Trump isn’t able to reverse the incredibly damaged economy. As long as he makes it so Wall Street suffers too, I’ll be happy for his presidency. I’ve lost economic hope. And as Frank Miller wrote about Marvel Comics’ Daredevil, “A man without hope is a man without fear.” Using economic fear can’t work on me.

What about you?

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