Should the USA Embrace Australia’s Gun Control Measures?

I hope that you understand that the title above is rhetorical.

Based solely on philosophical belief, gun control is an evil tactic used by despotic regimes to control their population. It doesn’t matter whether the despot is one dictator in a mansion, a group of oligarchs in the Capitol, or thousands of your fellow citizens at the ballot box. It’s despotism at its worst.

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Any cursory study of world history finds that when a government becomes authoritarian, one of the very first things it does is confiscate weapons from the general population. The Nazis, the Soviet communists, the Chinese communists, the Cuban communists, the regimes in Vietnam, North Korea, Cambodia, and on, and on, and on…

The only way despots can survive is by disarming their population – which is why the Founding Fathers included the 2nd Amendment in the Bill of Rights. From experience, they knew that tyrannical regimes, like Britain’s in the 1770s, would always move to disarm their citizens.

Whenever an ugly mass shooting, like the one that just occurred in Las Vegas, takes place the political left in America opines about gun control and waxes poetic about the anti-gun nations of the world. Inevitably, there gaze turns longingly to Australia where the government has placed its boots so firmly on the necks of their people that even owning a “Red Rider BB Gun” made famous (again) in A Christmas Story is illegal. Apparently, the Australian government is very worried that their population will “shoot their eye out.”

Leftist gun grabbers are always telling us to look at Australia, but is Australia really “worth” looking at when we talk about guns in America?

Probably not.

Some intrepid Australians want America to know that we’re not getting the full story on gun violence, and neither are the Australian people. In an effort to enlighten both nations a group called “Advance Australia Where?” has released a video outlining some of the simple and easily verifiable facts that prove the leftist gun grabbers wrong.

They also take a stab at explaining why gun violence seems to be a problem in the United States… and whoo-boy, is there opinion politically incorrect.

They explain that the war on traditional family values is the most likely culprit for the gun violence, and given the facts on gun violence, it’s a very solid case to be made.

Remember these stats and facts the next time your lefty neighbor complains about our gun culture.


Onan Coca

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