North Korea

Upcoming North Korean “Satellite” Test Has U.S. and South Korea on Edge

North Korea was long considered a nation whose threats were both incredibly improbable and entirely laughable up until the halfway point of 2017.

The tiny Asian dictatorship, which has spent the last 6 decades isolating its own people from reality while pumping their minds full of bizarrely xenophobic nonsense, reached an unfortunate milestone in their quest to annihilate the United States this summer when, within weeks of each other, they launched successful ICBM’s capable of striking Chicago, Illinois and detonating a hydrogen bomb – the first successful thermonuclear test ever in the country.

Combined, those two items could decimate the United States, (and the world as a whole), but experts are split as to when the DPRK could actually marry the devices to one another.

In the meantime, the only real threat that Kim Jong Un’s nuclear program poses is the possibility of an EMP detonation in which an atomic device, attached to a satellite, is set off high above the United States.  The electro magnetic pulse generated would likely destroy any and all electronic infrastructure in the U.S., potentially killing millions.

Right on cue, the North Koreans are preparing to launch a satellite into space – a test that either demonstrates their EMP abilities or acts as cover for yet another ICBM launch.

“North Korea’s regime is planning to launch a satellite that observers warn could be a Trojan horse for more weapons tests,  a South Korean newspaper reports.

“North Korea is being sanctioned by the United Nations over its nuclear and missile launches and is currently not allowed to carry out any launches using ballistic missile technology, which includes satellites.

“’Through various channels, we’ve recently learned that the North has completed a new satellite and named it Kwangmyongsong-5,’ the Joongang Ilbo daily reported, quoting a South Korean government source.

“The isolated North Korean regime has called the sanctions an ‘act of war’ that’s been ‘rigged up the U.S.'”

Of course, North Korea’s long and storied history of failed military testing has many around the world acting a bit nonchalant in the face of these new threats.

Adversely, however, the United States hasn’t been afforded that luxury given the incessant threats being disseminated from all manner of North Korea sources.  Kim Jong Un’s propaganda department has been working overtime in recent months in order to make conflict with the United States a reality, (or at least a hefty bargaining chip), and all signs point to conflict at this point.  A disguised ICBM launch or an EMP detonation attempt could very likely set off that particular chain of events.


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