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Border Patrol: The Unsung Hero of our Nation’s Security

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On an ordinary day, an American with a not so ordinary job heads to work in the small town of Patagonia. In this Southern Arizona town a group of six illegal aliens are apprehended. Of these six individuals five were Pakistani and one was Afghani, but all were tied to the Taliban.

As an agency, the US Border Patrol’s number one mission is to apprehend individuals with terrorist connections and those coming to our country to do us harm. Since 2003 with the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, a key point in the US Border Patrol’s mission has been to catch terrorists who are attempting to come in to our country. However, the irony in the crucial point in their mission is too imperative to ignore. The Irony is that you won’t ever know about the apprehension of those six individuals with connections to the Taliban because it is consistently swept under the rug. Some speculate that the Border Patrol and DHS’ silence on the issue is because the apprehension of Middle Easterners with ties to the Taliban does not fit the narrative that DC insiders and politicians want to spin to the public; how terrible would it be if the American people really knew the truth?

In hiding the truth, Burecrats are single handedly driving down the morale of some of our nation’s greatest unsung heroes; Border Patrol Agents. In a recent interview, a current Border Patrol Agent, whose identity shall be kept anonymous, spoke to the truth of this decline in agents’ morale. He spoke to a myriad of reasons that it feels like the big bosses in DC don’t want Border Patrol Agents to actually be doing their job. Firstly, he expressed disappointment in the recent pay cuts that was applied to each agent’s salary. He estimates that the cut reduces their monthly income by $400. Despite this pay cut, the agents are still expected to do the same work, work that as perceived as useless because of lax immigration judges. The agent estimates that 50% of people who appear in front of an immigration judge after their apprehension by the Border Patrol are granted access to remain in the country, which only further encourages more illegal immigration. Additionally, Border Patrol agents, while it may not be recognized in the media in the same fashion that Police offers receive, are putting their lives and well-being on the line every day to secure this nation. In his interview the agent spoke of some of the dangers that occur such as an agent having his arm dislocated and other agent being punched in the throat, both while trying to apprehend illegals. While the media may cover the tragic stories such as Brian Terry’s death, they rarely cover or acknowledge the danger that people within the agency face on a daily basis.

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The Border Patrol agency recently received a newly appointed chief, which is public knowledge. But what the public may not know is that within the agency, there were pretty heavy rumors circulating that the person who was going to be appointed was a police chief in San Francisco who advocates for sanctuary cities, which even the mere rumor of such an appoint solidifies the message that the “big bosses” may not care about the work the agents are doing to protect our country. Finally, and perhaps the most gut wrenching statement in the interview, was the agent’s feeling that Border Patrol has become a welcoming wagon rather than the enforcement agency for our nation’s immigration policies.

Imagine putting on your uniform for work every morning. The thought of harm never subsides, but neither does the thought that the DC elitists, the ones on the senate or house floor, the ones riding in their black chauffeured cars, the ones exchange political favors, do not really want you to do your job. But then you get to work and you apprehend six aliens with ties to the Taliban. While the public may never know about your victory, while they may never get the opportunity to be afforded the insight to appreciate your daily battles, you, Border Patrol agents, you are the unsung heroes of our nation’s security.



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