University Sued For Using Aborted Baby Parts!

Partial Birth Abortion demonstration on Doll, by Dr. Bill Lile, of Sacred Heart Hospital, Pensacola, Florida.

It seems something has gone wrong with the human brain when we think that it is okay to do research projects using murdered babies. We should have thought that this kind of barbarism had long been behind us after the horrors of Nazi Germany and Stalin’s Russia. This, unfortunately, is not the case.

Therefore, one organization is bringing suit against a university for its alleged use of baby parts to do transplant research.

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Christian News reports

A pro-life organization has filed a lawsuit against the University of Minnesota, asserting that it is violating state law by using the bodies of aborted babies for medical research.

The Thomas Moore Society filed on Wednesday a petition for writ of quo warranto, or a motion to “stop a person or organization from doing something for which it may not have the legal authority.”

“The University of Minnesota is procuring and using human fetal tissue for transplantation research which it cannot do under statutory law,” the filing reads. “With an adopted policy that procures fetal tissue from out of state, the University is circumventing legislative intent under Minnesota Statute § 145.1621…”

There are of course exceptions to the use of the remains of an aborted baby, but they all have to do with medical discovery for the parents or the court. For this reason, the Thomas Moore Society thinks it has a case.

Christian News continues

“The underlying issue here is whether Minnesota Statute § 145.1621
allows for testing on human fetal tissue for ‘therapeutic purposes.’ It does not,” the Society explains in its petition. “Therefore, the University of Minnesota, by the adoption of the policy at issue, is continuing to exercise an unauthorized usurpation of authority, and is violating the law.”

We should hope that this would not be the end of the fight to end the heinous practice of killing children, but we should also expect that this step is taken.

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