University Encouraged Professors to Offer Extra Credit to Student who Participated in Anti-Trump Protests!

It’s not as if we needed more evidence that America’s University’s were both incredibly biased against conservatives and wholly ignorant of conservative views. Sadly, while we don’t need more evidence… the liberal educators at the University of Pittsburgh are providing it anyway.

The Pitt Maverick reported earlier this past week on a shocking story from Pitt. Apparently, not only are educators at the school supportive of liberal philosophy, policies, and rhetoric… they are now actively encouraging their students to support the left. Specifically, the School of Social Work sent out a mass email to the faculty and students in their department encouraging teachers to offer extra credit to any student participating in anti-Trump rallies in Pittsburgh.

In the email, Associate Dean Mary Patricia Elhattab encourages professors to hand out extra credit to any student who attends an upcoming leftist march and rally. During the rally, Elhattab says that like-minded liberals will be meeting all over the country to demand a minimum wage hike, to help workers organize, to support “undocumented” workers, to fight climate change and to confront “structural” racism and sexism. Basically, Elhattab is asking Pitt’s professors to give the students extra credit for supporting a Democrat-Socialist agenda.

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Read it for yourself here:


Apparently, this is what passes for “higher education” in America today. Give credit for students who embrace liberal policies, and create a hostile work/school environment for anyone who doesn’t.

The Pitt Maverick connected with one Social Work major who said that this latest email is just par for the course at Pitt.

Lindsey Hern, a senior Social Work major, said that she receives a lot of similar, “one-sided” emails, and that she regularly feels alienated as one of the only conservatives in the department.

“It’s really ostracizing when your own department sanctions an event that is so exclusive to one set of students,” Hern told The Pitt Maverick…  

“This isn’t the first time this has happened,” Hern said. “I rarely feel welcome in class, especially when my professors openly harp on how terrible capitalism is and how Trump supporters are insufferable.”

Such is life in the leftist bubble that is higher education in America. 🇺🇸

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