North Korea

United States Prepping For North Korea Onslaught With F-22’s En Route

North Korea’s latest test of an intercontinental ballistic missile has rattled more than a few cages on the international scene.

First and foremost, the weapons incredibly terrifying range has experts agreeing that the weapon would likely strike anywhere with the United States, and possibly at any point on the planet.  While it is still believed that North Korea could be a year away from successfully marrying their projectile to a miniaturized thermonuclear warhead, the constant stream of surprises flowing from the hermit kingdom doesn’t lend much credence to any guesstimated timelines.

Now, in retaliation for this latest launch, the U.S. will be joining South Korea and others in a series of massive war drills designed to remind Kim Jong Un and his cronies of the might inherent in the American military.

As a cherry on top of this military sundae, the U.S. will send a couple of F-22’s over to the Korean Peninsula, presumably to inspire some seconding-guessing, and possible pants-spoiling fear into the dainty despot.

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“Six of the most advanced American stealth fighter jets arrived in South Korea on Saturday for a new round of war games aimed at North Korea’s nuclear weapons and ballistic missile program, according to local reports.

“The Defense Department sent the F-22 Raptors to participate in a four-day joint military exercise in South Korea. The games are taking place just days after North Korea tested an intercontinental ballistic missile that appears capable of reaching the eastern seaboard of the U.S.

 “’It will be the first time for six F-22 stealth fighter planes to fly over South Korea at one time,’ according to Yonhap News Agency. ‘The U.S. also plans to send F-35A and F-35B stealth jets, F-16C fighter planes and others including an unspecified number of B-1B bombers. The South Korean Air Force will dispatch F-15K, KF-16 and F-5 fighter jets and other planes for the exercises with about 230 aircraft at eight U.S. and South Korean military installations being mobilized.’”

The incredibly capable F-22’s will more than likely outclass any other device in the air over the Korean Peninsula, or anywhere in the world, for that matter.

Kim Jong Un’s long history of antagonization followed by capitulation has been a transparent negotiating ploy used to provide North Korea with more friendly international trade terms.  This vicious pattern has taken its toll on the North Korean people, however, and U.S. President Donald Trump has made it very clear that Kim could be trifling with the wrong man this go-round.


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