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United States Accused by North Korea of Cyber-Thwarting Missile Test


The calamity of North Korea’s latest affront to the rest of the globe continues to twist and turn its way through contemporary history.

Not only is the reclusive nation poking and prodding their way through purposefully failed diplomatic actions, but they are doing so at an alarming rate.  It seems that Kim Jong Un has finally set aside the formalities of blaming the rest of the world for North Korea’s problems, and is now outwardly wishing for a conflict to occur.  His latest actions point to a more aggressive North Korea – one that has no problem taunting the United States and her allies.

North Korea’s latest infuriating stunt was to be a missile test over the weekend in celebration of the “Day of The Sun”, one of the nation’s most important holidays.  The test was also to coincide with Vice President Mike Pence’s diplomatic trip to South Korea – no doubt a purposeful piece of timing by Kim Jong Un.  That missile test failed miserably, with the projectile exploding mere seconds after liftoff.

Now, even in that embarrassing failure, Kim is finding a way to antagonize his enemies.

“Could the U.S. be powerful enough to thwart North Korea’s attempted missile launch? Some foreign officials are claiming that communist dictator Kim Jong-Un’s miserable attempt at firing a medium-range missile, which blew up almost as soon as it was launched, was stopped in its tracks by cyber-hacking.

“Former British conservative foreign secretary Sir Malcolm Rifkind told reporters on Sunday that a system malfunction could have made the missile blow up, ‘but there is a very strong belief that the U.S. — through cyber methods — has been successful on several occasions in interrupting these sorts of tests and making them fail.’

“The South Korean defense ministry reported that it had detected a failed launch from the area of Sinpo, which is the location of North Korea’s largest submarine base.”

Kim Jong Un himself has expressed a similar opinion on the missile’s failure, claiming that the United States was responsible for the failure of his latest missile technology.  Were it anyone but Kim, the U.S. could see this as a declaration of aggression, however, the North Korean leader has been so insufferably obsessed with threatening the United States that this latest tirade will most likely be met with a subdued response, if any.

Currently, there is a three headed beast of international allies sitting at the ready should Kim attempt anything more significant, with China positioning 150,000 troops at their border with the hermit kingdom, and a litany of U.S. and Japanese warships biding their time off the coast.

For Kim’s sake, perhaps it was best to let this missile test fail.

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