Undercover Video Exposes “Gun Show Loophole”

In an attempt to see how easy it was to buy semi-automatic and fully automatic weapons using the “gun show loophole,” comedian Steven Crowder went undercover and recorded his encounters with gun sellers.

Interspersed throughout the video are snippets of politicians including Democratic presidential candidates [score]Bernie Sanders[/score] and Hillary Clinton, and President Barack Obama referring to the “gun show loophole,” which, according to gun control advocates, allows buyers to purchase firearms without a background check. Excerpts of comments made by several media personalities were also present.

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Comedian Steven Crowder wanted to see just how easy it was to obtain a firearm without having to go through the NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) process. He even went to Indiana where President Obama said background checks weren’t required. Watch how his quest to purchase firearms without a background check using the “gun show loophole” turned out:

WARNING: Contains some vulgar language

At a town hall event on gun control on January 7, President Obama blamed the violence prevalent in his hometown of Chicago on the lax gun laws in Indiana, where he said people can easily purchase firearms without a background check:

“So if somebody is a straw purchaser — and what that means is they don’t intend the guns for themselves, they intend to resell them to somebody else — they go to a gun show in Indiana, where right now they don’t have to do a background check, load them — load up a van, and open up that van and sell them to kids and gangs in Chicago, if now that person has to go through a background check and register, ATF now has the capacity to find out if, and when a gun is used in a crime in Chicago where that gun comes from.”


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