UNC Chapel Hill Joins Confederate Fray with 800-Person Mob

There has been no shortage of angry, radical leftists sprouting out of seemingly nowhere this week, demanding that Civil War history be erased or replaced.

What began during the horrific Battle of Charlottesville has spread far and wide in recent days, as colleges across the nation reconvene for the fall semester.  Radical leftists, emboldened by the ultraliberal atmosphere of a great many university campuses, have quickly assembled to call for the destruction and removal of a number of Civil War memorials and statues, all in a clever ruse to boost their own personal social media currency by appearing to be politicly trendy and active.

Nowhere was this more obvious than in Durham, North Carolina last week as liberal revisionists toppled one such statue and then quickly proceeded to pose with the ruined artwork for a number of selfies and Twitter posts.

As students arrived back at UNC Chapel Hill this week, a similar mob scene erupted, with so-called “social justice warriors” again proving that they are nothing more than social media addicts.

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“A student was arrested along with other protesters when about 800 people gathered at McCorkle Place on Tuesday night to demand the removal of the Silent Sam Confederate statue from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill campus.

“The statue was surrounded by two sets of barricades earlier Tuesday morning in an effort to prevent protesters getting close to it. The barriers, combined with the fact that the statue is continually monitored by surveillance cameras, prompted many to state that Silent Sam is better protected than any student on the campus.

“At times Tuesday night, police had difficulty controlling the crowds as protesters chanted and marched for several hours, at times taking to Franklin Street and forcing the closure of the road, as officers dressed in riot gear guarded the monument.21

“‘It doesn’t need to be in the middle of campus. In a museum is fine, it’s ok, but here in the middle of campus, it promotes violence,’ aid protester Zaria Williams.”

Spoiler alert:  The only violence instigated by this historical monument occurred when these ignorant miscreants returned to campus with a self-righteous chip on their shoulder.

If nothing else, the mainstream media’s insistence on promoting this sort of violence must be curbed, and curbed immediately.  Should the leftist “news” outlets continue to provoke their malleable millennial viewers to action, the blood will be on their hands and their hands alone.

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