Harvard Shield

Unbelievable Reason Harvard Was Forced to Change Their Official Shield

Is there embedded institutional racism on our college campuses? This is the claim of thousands of students who protested this year on universities across our nation. Though this is denied by the several institutions respectively, the students spent several weeks holding protests.

Now, these students are joining with another trend. The one where groups want our history washed. They want to scrub clean all our failures and warts. If there is a figure who owned slaves or his father owned slaves, then we are not allowed to have them in our history. And this is happening at Harvard Law School.

The Guardian reports

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Harvard law school will remove its official shield following months of protest at the symbol’s ties to an 18th-century slaveholder.


“We believe that if the law school is to have an official symbol, it must more closely represent the values of the law school, which the current shield does not,” the panel, made up of professors, alumni, students and staff, wrote in its recommendation.

So, how does the shield in questions misrepresent the values of the Harvard Law School? It has a symbol that the students have related to slavery.

The Guardian continues

The shield, officially adopted in 1937, depicts three bundles of wheat, an image borrowed from the family crest of Isaac Royall Jr, under the university’s motto “Veritas”.

Royall’s father was a slave owner. Isaac Royall Sr. had sugar plantations in the Caribbean and farms in Massachusetts. Because of this, there was a movement started to remove the son for the father’s offenses.

Fox reports

Minow (Harvard Dean Martha Minow) created the committee after some law school students formed a group called Royall Must Fall to denounce the shield.

Here again, we have an institution that is caving to the political pressure to administer “social justice,” which in reality is nothing more than blind revenge. These people, though never offended themselves wish to erase the past.

They have forgotten that a people without a past have no future.

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