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As UN Sanctions Loom, North Korea has Harsh Words for United States…Again

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The United States can’t seem to make it a week without North Korea issuing another set of bizarre threats aimed at terrifying the western world.

Besides the obvious missile launches and nuclear detonations, the hermit kingdom of North Korea has continually postured themselves on the world’s stage via a cacophony of wordy threats that often depict, in quite colorful means, the total annihilation of the United States as a whole.

Whether it be commemorative posters showing Washington D.C. being targeted by ICBM’s, or propaganda videos in which California is decimated with a barrage of nuclear warheads, Kim Jong Un has been obnoxiously effective at running his virtual mouth at our expense.

Now, after the rogue regime tested what is believed to be a hydrogen bomb in recent days, the United Nations is considering fresh punishment in return via difficult-to-overcome sanctions.  This has led to even more yapping from Kim and company.

“North Korea vowed the United States would face ‘pain and suffering’ if the United Nations approved tough new sanctions on the volatile regime Monday, with Pyongyang’s threat coming even as Russia and China worked to lessen the severity of the UN package and pushed for talks to solve the nuclear crisis.

“North Korea’s Foreign Ministry issued the statement on Monday saying it was ‘ready and willing’ to retaliate if the new U.N. sanctions were approved during a vote planned for Monday evening. A draft of the U.N. sanctions circulated last week.

“’The forthcoming measures to be taken by [North Korea] will cause the U.S. the greatest pain and suffering it had ever gone through in its entire history,’ the foreign ministry said in the statement.

“The Foreign Ministry also said the U.S. was trying to ‘strangle and completely suffocate’ the regime for developing weapons, which Kim Jong Un’s dictatorship sees as a matter of self-defense.”

While Kim Jong Un’s threats are often so fanatical that they border on impressive, very few experts believe that he is planning to actually strike the United States.

Kim’s unique position within international politics has limited his ability to negotiate with most other global nations, relying almost solely on China for trade and Russia for diplomatic leverage.  Further sanctions would likely spell trouble for the poverty-stricken regime and its people.

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