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UN Ambassador Haley is Done Playing Games with Kim Jong Un

The time for talk is likely over as is pertains to the United States and North Korea – at least according to UN Ambassador Nikki Haley.

Haley, who has had harsh words for North Korea frequently over the course of the fledgling Trump presidency, once ramped up her tone while addressing the nation today.

North Korea yesterday launched yet another missile, this time sending the projectile screaming over the heads of Japanese citizens in the northern region of the archipelago.  The device thankfully splashed down somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, some 2,000km from where it was launched, making this the farthest distance traveled by a North Korean missile so far.  The launch was considered a serious enough threat to Japan that the U.S. ally was forced to employ their emergency warning system along with air raid sirens in order to alert the public to the potential hazard.

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Ambassador Haley just last week pushed the UN to enact the toughest possible sanctions on North Korea possible, a move that likely led to this launch.  Now, Haley is ready to wash her hands of Kim and his cowardice, and offered up an alternative for the diminutive dictator of the DPRK.

“U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley warned North Korea on Friday that she is more than willing to let Defense Secretary Jim Mattis deal with the nuclear threat from Pyongyang if sanctions do not work.

“Haley said recent sanctions have ‘strangled’ North Korea’s ‘economic situation,’ calling the impact ‘dramatic.’

“But she said there’s only so much the U.N. Security Council can do ‘when you cut 90 percent of the trade and 30 percent of the oil.’

‘“So having said that, I have no problem kicking it to General Mattis because I think he has plenty of options,’ Haley said at the White House briefing, where she and National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster previewed U.S. efforts at the U.N. General Assembly next week.”

The military might of the U.S. has been conjured by American diplomats more than a few times in the recent past when it comes to North Korea, but giving Nikki Haley her own “mic drop” moment has ushered in a new certainty regarding the future of relations with North Korea.

Further complicating the already complex issue of using force to bring Kim Jong Un to heel is renewed friction between the United States, Russia, and China over how best to neutralize the North Korean threat.  Both Russia and China have released veiled threats against the United States’ possible military action in the region, while neither has been able to control Kim to an acceptable degree on their own.

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