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UMASS Amherst’s Liberal Fascism Exposed in New Liberty Lawsuit

The fight to maintain the First Amendment in America has been alive and active on college campuses across our great nation over the course of the last year.

With President Donald Trump using Twitter to communicate directly with the American people, with no delay, the left has been forced to find ways to attempt stifling the Commander in Chief’s message.  With a tool as powerful as Twitter is at his disposal, the only hope that the left can seem to muster is a wholesale reinvention of the concept of Free Speech.

Free Speech should be a simple concept:  As long as you aren’t inciting violence, your thoughts and opinions are open to be shared with anyone willing to experience them.  That’s really all that there is to it, and any further complication of the subject flirts with Fascism as a rule.

Now, the left is hoping to amend the entire idea of Free Speech by making uncomfortable and offensive ideas inexcusable, thusly neutering our national ability to have a truly open discussion on anything.  This would, in turn, be an effective tool to stifle the President as well, by delegitimizing his Tweets and his messages as opposed to preventing them wholesale.

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Given that the millennial generation is their only hope for salvation, the left has taken this tactic to college campuses across the country in hopes of indoctrinating the future Fascists of the world.  Incidents such as the UC Berkeley riots or the Emory “safe spaces” are only a taste of what’s to come, should the left be allowed to continue their infiltration of academia.

That’s why one school in Massachusetts is facing a monumental lawsuit alleging that their indifference for this most important of rights is a criminal act.

“Young Americans for Liberty said the University of Massachusetts-Amherst limits the time speeches and rallies can take place from noon to 1 p.m. in a spot in front of the Student Union, law firm Alliance Defending Freedom said in a news release.

“’A public university is hardly the marketplace of ideas that it’s supposed to be when the marketplace is less than one percent of campus and only open for one hour a day — and then only if university officials approve of your presence there,’ ADF Legal Counsel Caleb Dalton noted in the release. ‘UMass-Amherst’s speech policy contains provisions similar to those that courts have repeatedly struck down as unconstitutional at other schools. If the university wishes to demonstrate its dedication to the free exchange of ideas, it can do so by fixing its policy so that it’s consistent with the First Amendment.’”

“Cliff Maloney, executive president of Young Americans for Liberty, added to the College Fix that the group is ‘not looking for an unfair advantage here, but simply a level playing field. Restricting free speech to an hour during the lunch break and to one side of a building is not what the First Amendment is about.’”

Should the Young Americans for Liberty find themselves successful, it will be the first major victory for college conservatives in some time.

Groups such as Antifa have removed the decorum from the democratic arguments on campus, moving political discourse from its proper pedestal to a guttural, dingy river of filth just below the veneer of an otherwise placid University setting.  Without this necessary legal pushback, we could soon find ourselves with a wholly ineffective system of higher education that more closely resembles democratic training than public education.

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