UK Warns LGBT Travelers About The Dangers Of Traveling To The U.S. [VIDEO]

The media pretends it is an embarrassment that the UK warns LGBT British citizens. It is actually embarrassingly stupid propaganda.

The UK warns LGBT tourists of real intolerance across the pond:

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Newser reports,

The rest of the world is taking notice of recent laws passed in the US, specifically new anti-gay measures implemented in North Carolina and Mississippi. And in the UK, citizens are actually being warned to stay vigilant while traveling across the pond. Per the Independent, Britain’s Foreign Office has issued an advisory, noting in its “Local Laws and Customs” section on the USA that LGBT visitors to America could face some issues. After noting that “attitudes towards LGBT people differ hugely across the country,” it warns that travelers “may be affected by legislation passed recently in the states of North Carolina and Mississippi.” It then dispenses some advice on staying safe.

Surely the U.S is not the only country in which it is not legal for the opposite sex to enter sex-assigned restrooms. In fact, in most places in North Carolina and in most other states, men haven’t been permitted freedom to enter women’s restrooms for as long as there have been restrooms. Why did the UK never warn its citizens until now?

And how dangerous is it to LGBT tourists to not have the ability to force a Christian baker to make a cake with a pro-homosexual message? Talk about first world problems!

Notice what the UK sees as a problem in the video above: “The U.S. is an extremely diverse society.”

They are warning about diversity! They want it eliminated and the American media is treating this as a good thing to want for society.

If anyone doubts that the Western heritage of freedom of religion and freedom of conscience are considered an impediment to their goals for society, this should wake them up. The reason that America remains diverse is because there is no central political authority (yet) that can punish people for holding and spreading ideas that are not liberal.

It is incredible that now the more “rights” that LGBTs win, the more they scream about crimes like not being able to force restaurants to host same-sex “weddings.” They truly are the most easily enraged, vindictive, bullying, and self-righteous group in American politics. And their legal accomplishments have opened up whole new avenues of fraud.

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