UK Libs FAIL at Musical Protest, Completely Misinterpreting Green Day Song

As the American “resistance” chic continues to spread around the globe at the behest of Hollywood, social media, and the mainstream “news”, there seems to be no tethering the democratic party to reality.

For instance, their idea of “free speech” does not allow for any iota of “hurt feelings”.  The moment your opinions are bothersome, or opposed to those of the liberal left’s media stronghold, you’ll be shouted down into oblivion at the threat of violent riots, thusly eliminating your ability to speak freely.

Similarly, on the Second Amendment, the left completely misunderstands what the definite of the word “infringed” is.  They conflate “infringement” with “abolishment”, which is pretty much as far from the truth as you can get.

Now, over in the United Kingdom, there seems to be a bit more liberal imbecility to speak of, as progressives in Britain begin to plan protests around the upcoming visit by U.S. President Donald Trump.

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The idea was simple enough, but apparently something got lost in translation.

President Trump loved seeing “American Idiot,” the Green Day Broadway musical, on its opening night in 2010, calling it “an amazing theatrical experience!” on Twitter.  That night, he posed on the red carpet with his wife, Melania, wearing his signature long red tie, and even managed to sit in the theater under the same roof as Rosie O’Donnell “without incident,” Playbill reported at the time.

But when Trump arrives in the United Kingdom this week for meetings with Prime Minister Theresa May and the queen, among others, the president may have a different view of the Green Day anti-establishment anthem.

Ahead of Trump’s visit, protesters in the United Kingdom have launched a campaign to play “American Idiot” so many times that, by the time he arrives, the song will be the No. 1 single there. The incessant downloads started July 6 and will continue through Thursday. Protesters have been using iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify and YouTube, among other platforms, to stream and download the song.

At first glance, you would think that these Brits are falling right in line with their liberal ideals.  But there’s only one problem:

“One of the two explicitly political songs on the album (the other being fellow single “Holiday“),[1] “American Idiot” contends that mass media has orchestrated paranoia and idiocy among the public. Citing cable news coverage of the Iraq War, Billie Joe Armstrong recalled, “They had all these Geraldo-like journalists in the tanks with the soldiers, getting the play-by-play.” He felt with that, American news crossed the line from journalism to reality television, showcasing violent footage intercut with advertisements.[2]

So, there you have it:  Liberals falling for the mass media’s manipulation regarding President Trump, and then attempting to shame him using a song that looks to exposes just such brainwashing.

And, furthermore, as mentioned before, Trump loved the musical.

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