UFC Fighter Saves Trump Supporter from Violent Berkeley Thugs

UFC fighter Jake Shields just won a big victory outside of the Octagon.

The powerful mixed-martial artist happened to be on the streets of Berkeley, California on Wednesday night when hundreds of fascist “anti-fascist” liberal criminals decided to riot because conservative Milo Yiannopoulos was speaking nearby. Milo is an advocate for free speech, an editor for Breitbart news, and a controversial figure who is sometimes connected with the alt-right. He also happens to be a homosexual, which seems to drive liberals insane.

His arrival in Berkeley “triggered” hundreds of criminal protesters to wreak havoc on their own town – destroying property, terrifying innocent citizens, and repressing freedom (in the name of freedom). They cursed at, spit upon, and even pepper sprayed some Trump supporters, but when that wasn’t enough… they violently beat on others.

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Fortunately, for one Trump supporter… Jake Shields was nearby. When the UFC fighter noticed a large group of violent criminals assaulting a Trump supporter (with bystanders and police simply standing by and watching) he leapt to the rescue and began beating on the attackers. He saved the Trump supporter and hurt the feelings of the violent thugs who hadn’t expected anyone to stand up against them. A bystander got this video just as the action was dying down…

Shields can be heard arguing with the violent mob:

“Dude, you guys have your faces covered, you’re attacking people, you’re being f*cking fascists,” Shields told one of the thugs. “Look at you guys, you’re (expletive) embarrassing.”

Warning: the video contains some foul language.

Notice the violent liberals whining about Shields jumping in to defend the innocent victim, as if it was Shields who had done something wrong and not the mob beating on a defenseless man!

How about a round of cheers for Jake Shields, who i’m betting just earned himself a lot of new fans.

Oh, by the way… here’s an important video from Milo Yiannopoulos responding to being connected to the racist alt-right movement and why racism (white pride, white nationalism) is NOT the answer.

Another warning for NSFW language.


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