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UC Berkeley’s War on Free Speech Takes Hit With Ben Shapiro Announcement

The University of California at Berkeley had outed itself earlier this year as the epicenter of the liberal movement to redefine the First Amendment.

As millennials began gathering at the University to further their education, a strange dynamic arose on campus.  No longer was higher education about being challenged with new ideas and concepts, but, instead, it became a self-centered crusade to shape the world only in these young people’s image.  Thoughts and opinions that didn’t fit with the liberal majority at UC Berkeley were being viciously drowned out by the radical leftist thugs at the center of the debate.

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In February, a speaking engagement by gay conservative author Milo Yiannopolous had to be canceled at the last minute due to a literal riot occurring in protest.  Students from Berkeley ended up damaging their campus and the surrounding city to the tune of several million dollars, cementing their new, violent tactics.  Mere weeks later, Ann Coulter had a similar issue in which UC Berkeley preemptively canceled her event citing safety concerns.  In short, the radical left had won the right to use violence on campus to prevent conservative speech.

It was New Fascism in a nutshell.

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Now, another conservative voice is attempting to break through the blue wall on campus to speak to the college’s republican organizations…and he’s not taking ‘no’ for an answer.

“After coming under public pressure for giving the College Republicans the runaround on a venue for a scheduled event featuring Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro, the University of California Berkeley announced on Thursday that they had found some ‘workable options’ for hosting the conservative author and speaker. On Friday, the university finally reached out to the College Republicans to present two venue options for the Sept. 14 event.

“An email from the Berkeley administration sent to the College Republicans on Friday detailed two ‘workable options’ they had found for the event. The administration said that while one of the venues, Zellerbach, is currently undergoing some floor restoration, ‘in light of the unique circumstances of this event,’ they were offering it as location for Shapiro’s appearance. The other option is Alumnae Hall in the Anna Head Complex.

“The email also addresses the continued legal tension between the administration and BCR, asking the group not to bring their legal counsel to the proposed security meeting for the event, expressing a concern that ‘the presence of each side’s litigation counsel will not promote a productive discussion.’ If BCR stands by its plan to bring its legal counsel, the university said it would prefer to ‘conduct further business in writing.'”

UC Berkeley has been an unfortunate flashpoint for the fight against Free Speech, and the hoopla over Shapiro’s appearance is simply more of the same.

The radical left has long proposed that the First Amendment should cease to exist in cases where their feelings get hurt.  They want the nation to believe that you have the right to not be offended.  Unfortunately, that is the furthest possibility from the truth.  In reality, the First Amendment exists solely to protect controversial statements and ideas, not to limit them.  Simply put:  UC Berkeley is allowing campus leftists to promote fascism.

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