UC Berkeley Publishes Mugshots of Radical Leftists Arrested at Shapiro Event

As conservative speaker Ben Shapiro was preparing his remarks for an engagement at UC Berkeley, authorities outside the arena were preparing for the worst.

Berkeley, ironically a campus who game themselves the nickname “the birth place of free speech”, had come to be known for their vehement opposition to the all-important American right.  Starting in earnest in February during a planned speech by homosexual conservative author Milo Yiannopolous, Berkeley’s anti-First Amendment slant became internationally known.  Riotous thugs from the radical left descended upon campus to wreak havoc and sow the seeds of neo-Fascism by violently shutting down the long-awaited lecture before spilling out into the streets of greater Berkeley to destroy personal property and let the nation know that they would not have their feelings hurt by words.

It was, in all honesty, an embarrassing and somewhat disheartening display of liberal frivolity and our social justice-meets-social media culture.

In the wake of the canceled appearance by Yiannopolous, conservative pundit Ann Coulter was also booted from Berkeley’s campus preemptively on fears that there would be a repeat of the heinous violence of February.

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Just last night, however, Ben Shapiro was finally able to break the right-wing ban at Berkeley, after a great deal of extraneous preparation by campus security.  During his speech, of course, there were a number of incidents outside, as millennial miscreants ignored the warnings of police and carried weapons to within feet of the lecture.  Today, Berkeley police released the names, faces, and information regarding those arrests.

“Four of the five people identified were arrested for carrying a ‘banned weapon.’

“Sarah Roark, 44, of San Francisco, Michael Paul Sullivan, 29, of Hayward and Eddy Robinson, 44, of Oakland, were all arrested for carrying a banned weapon.


“Hannah Benjamin, 20, of Fremont, was also arrested for carrying a banned weapon but she was accused of battery on a police officer, too. Kerem Celik, 18, of Saratoga, was arrested for ‘disturbing the peace.’

“It was not immediately clear what weapons the protesters were accused of carrying, nor was it known if any were members of Antifa. Weapons seized in the past from Antifa extremists have included bricks, hammers, bats, knives, scissors and chains.”

While this is certainly not an unexpected occurrence given Berkeley’s history of being unable to police their own campus effectively, it does serve as yet another warning about the dangers of an unkempt and increasingly radical leftist movement.

Much like the Black Lives Matter before them, Antifa’s lack of organization and penchant for mayhem are priming the loose-knit organization for war again those who they politically oppose, making their violent perversion of the First Amendment all that more egregious.

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