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UC Berkeley Nailed With Nasty News After First Amendment Fracas

There are certainly no shortage of complaints to be lodged against the liberal left and their war on America, but perhaps their premier offense is their hatred of the First Amendment.

For far too long, the left’s power has been derived from their division of the democratic voter base, and they have achieved this by employing a strange theory about Free Speech; namely, that the First Amendment will cease to apply to people who say offensive or controversial things.

Of course, this is the precise polar opposite of the the ethos behind our American right to free speech.  The First Amendment protects offensive and unorthodox ideologies so long as they don’t amount to inciting anyone to violence.

Still, the left continues to invent new words, pronouns, and titles at an alarming rate.  The 70-some new gender pronouns they announced in 2017 are just another piece of the political correctness puzzle, and the continuous evolution of these “correct” terms makes it absolutely impossible to remain in the good standing of liberals who spend hours a day researching their own invented language.

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And this leads us to the division that the democrats use to convert otherwise free-thinking Americans to their cult of liberalism.  No where was this Free Speech fight more apparent than on the campus of UC Berkeley back in February of 2017, as left leaning students began rioting, committing arson, and destroying public property.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage was done by these neo-Fascist liberals simply because they were offended that conservative speaker Milo Yiannopolous was asked to speak on campus, as the guest of the school’s college republicans.  The mere presence of conservative ideals on campus sent these radical leftists into a rage unlike anything we ever hoped to witness in our nation.  It was a riot against the First Amendment, simply put.

This conflict is still raging at Berkeley as well, with speeches by Ann Coulter canceled for fear of continued violence, and an appearance by Ben Shapiro vastly limited in scope in order for police to provide security.

UC Berkeley has gone largely unpunished for their complacence during the riots.  That is, until now.

“A group of individuals from the Bay Area are suing UC Berkeley over injuries sustained during the February 2017 campus riot.

“Several plaintiffs are suing UC Berkeley after they were physically attacked last February while attending a campus event featuring controversial speaker Milo Yiannopoulos. The plaintiffs allege that the University of California Police Department provided inadequate protection for the event’s attendees.

“’This action seeks to protect and vindicate fundamental rights,’ the lawsuit reads. ‘It is a civil rights action brought under the Fourteenth Amendment against government actors responsible for creating dangerous conditions and exposing the Plaintiffs to physical harm caused by a violent mob of anarchists at a student-sponsored Milo Yiannopolous event (‘Yiannopolous event’) scheduled to take place at the University of California, Berkeley (‘UC Berkeley’ and ‘University’) on February 1, 2017.’

“The riot, which took place in February, caused approximately $100,000 worth of damages to the public university’s campus.”

Perhaps, at the conclusion of this adjudication, Berkeley’s damages will be enough to deter any further erosion of our First Amendment on the college campuses of our nation.  Until that time, however, we must remain vigilant in our understanding and utilization of this all important right, lest we end up with neo-Fascist liberals patrolling our streets seeking out those who would commit such crimes of language.

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