UC Berkeley and DOJ Set To Butt Heads Over The First Amendment

A strange and formidable evil is sweeping across our great nation, fueled by the radical left and their bizarre interpretation of the First Amendment.

Where the rest of the civilized world sees the freedom of speech guaranteed by the First Amendment as intrinsic to liberty, the left believes that any expression made by a supposedly “free” person cannot offend any other person.  We’re not just talking about hate speech, either, which is an easily defined set of words and phrases that are wholly meant to disparage another person based on race, gender, or sexual orientation.  The radical left is looking to redefine any offensive speech as hate speech, including political ideologies and misgendering.

This means that, at their core, the left is looking to install a new wave of neo-Fascism in our great nation by altering our language with shame and nonsense.  Misusing pronouns, for example, has become an enormously complicated issue in American, with the most ardent LGBTQ factions insisting that there are not two genders in the world, but something more along the lines of seventy separate genders, each with their own unique pronoun.

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This confusing and nonsensical move to complicate the biological reality of scientific reason has had its share of opponents in the past, based on absurdity alone.  The real problem, however, is how the left has weaponized their invented words in order to try and convict Americans in the court of public opinion.  Now, as this movement spreads throughout the world, Canadian activists have managed to enact a law that makes the misuse of pronouns a crime punishable by jail time…a turn of events that came directly out of the totalitarian playbook.

This “offensive” speech scarlet letter hasn’t only been pinned on those without the time to memorize all of this millennial make believe, either.  When conservative speaker Milo Yiannopolous attempted to speak at UC Berkeley after being hired by campus republicans, the radical leftists of the university took to the streets, rioting and destroying personal property until the event was canceled.

The mere threat of this occurring again forced a cancelation of Ann Coulter’s speech at Berkeley as well, and severely impacted the outreach that Ben Shapiro was hoping to do as well.

Now, the Department of Justice is warning Berkeley about the dangers of toying with the First Amendment in a big way.

“The Department of Justice (DOJ) filed a statement of interest Thursday in a campus free speech lawsuit against the University of California, Berkeley.

“’This Department of Justice will not stand by idly while public universities violate students’ constitutional rights,’ said Rachel Brand, the DOJ’s Associate Attorney General, in the press release announcing the statement.

“Young America’s Foundation and the Berkeley College Republicans allege that the university adopted a double standard with regard to free speech and particularly high-profile college speakers, according to a press release obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

“The plaintiffs claim that Berkeley’s ‘high-profile speaker policy’ gave the university license to arbitrarily set curfews, restrictive security costs, and inconvenient venues.

“While the DOJ’s statement of interest does not mean that it is taking an official stance on the merits of the case, it does mean that the department will monitor the situation from afar with broad authority.”

It seems as though liberal America’s plans for a neo-Fascist uprising may be on hold for a bit, at least in California.

What is most telling, however, is that the DOJ was forced to get involved at all.  The Constitution is extremely clear on this matter:  Speech is free.  If Berkeley can’t understand that, they must be prepared to feel the full wrath of We The People.

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