Uber Hires Eric Holder

So just a quick review for those who might not remember:

  • No means No

  • Don’t dip your pen in the company ink

Now with those two things being said , Uber is once again under fire. This time by a former employee who claims sexual harassment and sexism is ignored by the company.

So what does the CEO of Uber do?  He hires Eric Holder, not to drive, but to investigate the allegations.  Yes, I do mean former Attorney General Eric Holder. The same Eric Holder whose answer to federal officials hiring prostitutes was to send a memo. Yep the same Eric Holder.

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I just wonder how it is that such a thing as sexual harassment  can even happen at Uber.   Arianna Huffington is on the Board of Directors.  Surely she wouldn’t allow such a thing to happen.  Perhaps she’s just been getting a little too much sleep lately. Must be hard being the Greek goddess of all that is fair and feminist.

Perhaps the Protestarazzi has forgotten about how liberal friendly Uber actually is since they didn’t shut down JFK Airport.

Let this be a cautionary tale to all of those businesses who are constantly falling all over themselves to adhere to the political agendas around them. When you stop goose stepping just the way they want you to, they will turn around and eat you alive. Sometimes it will resemble a scene from “Aliens” and they get you from the inside and pop out.

In this day and age if you are a man and you wish to look at, talk to or consider dating a woman that you work with, I have one piece of advice: do NOT do it.  It is quite simply not worth it. However, if you see this woman at work and you think she is the greatest thing ever to walk this earth and you must marry her, the solution is simple. Quit your job, wait a year and then you call her on the phone tell her you respect her and ask her if she’d like to meet you for coffee. If she is not worth all that, then she is definitely not worth being sued. Now that is for the good guys. For the creeps: keep your eyes, hands and comments to yourself. For the ladies: nothing says back off like a concealed carry permit and a can of mace.

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