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U.S. Presidential Debate: Trump Wiped the Floor with Hillary

Trump seemed to have all his ducks in a row in the third U.S. Presidential debate.

He nailed the Supreme Court question.  Donald Trump tied Hillary to his answer on the Supreme Court and sunk her with it. He nailed it on the second amendment. Trump pushed Hillary into the debate on guns by his answer. It seemed that Hillary was treading water all night long while Trump was lobbing missiles. Gun control is despised nationally. Trump destroyed her on it. The last thing Hillary wanted to talk about was gun control in this debate. Trump dragged her to it. Democrats don’t want to be on a national stage defending gun control. Trump made sure she did that night. Hillary’s attacks against Trump? Super weak. Consultant Rick Shaftan, who’s been really tough on Trump: Mr. Trump controlled this thing for each of the 90 minutes. It was a blowout. Trump was on offense all night long. Trump made his strongest pro-life case in the beginning of the debate. National security was Trump’s strong suit too.  Donald Trump held.

Hillary was forced to stick with her stale Democrat talking points you’ve been hearing for the last 40 years.

Hillary regurgitating these talking points only helps Trump. Trump took all of these talking points and turned it against her. The abortion topic was huge. Trump highlighting partial birth abortion and making Hillary defend it was a yuge deal. When was the last time a presidential candidate unapologetic-ally defended the pro-life position like Trump did last night? Donald Trump was easily able to pivot and stay on message. It was his strongest performance we have ever seen.

Hillary was on defense the entire night. Every punch she tried to land didn’t stick.

The biggest moment for me was Hillary’s war on women card. Trump didn’t take the bait.  Donald Trump instead successfully made the case Hillary is known for fabricating  fiction against her enemies. Trump cited several things that are now on tape. Donald Trump brought up secret video and audio tape showing Hillary creating schemes. These women who accused Donald Trump, their stories have been thoroughly debunked. There zero evidence that these incidences even took place. The biggest takeaway is Trump got under Hillary’s skin and she was not happy.  Trump got to her and he dominated the evening.

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