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U.S. Nuke Ships Heading to Korean Peninsula Ahead of Possible Conflict

There is little doubt left in the minds of global observers that the United States and North Korea are headed for a serious conflict.

The constant, belittling war of words that has been employed by both nations has escalated to unbelievable levels over the course of the last few months, with U.S. President Donald Trump matching the ferocity of Kim Jong Un’s threats in a series of tweets and on-camera soundbites.

For his part, Kim Jong Un has been pushing the envelope when it comes to military testing, not only proving to the world that his rogue regime is capable of reaching cities such as Chicago with an intercontinental ballistic missile, but also testing what very likely was the nation’s first thermonuclear device – a hydrogen bomb ten times more powerful than the weapons that the U.S. used to end World War II.

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And while this volley of lurid language has definitely shown that these two are ready to talk the talk, the latest deployment of U.S. military assets proves that Trump is ready to walk the walk as well.

“The USS Theodore Roosevelt, a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier, is en route to the western Pacific after leaving San Diego port last week.

“The Roosevelt will focus on maritime security operations in the Pacific and Middle East, the US military announced.

“But the £3.4billion ($4.5billion) warship, known as “the Big Stick”, has been sent to boost US defence on the Korean peninsula, according to South Korean media.

“It is expected to arrive in region in the coming weeks amid fears North Korea is about to test another missile or nuclear weapon.

“Tensions have been reaching fever pitch on the Korean peninsula in recent days with the US holding a series of military drills.

“Six US planes – including a ‘nuclear sniffer’ and two Air Force B-1B Lancer bombers – took part in the brazen show of force last night.”

With the Roosevelt possibly making its way to the region, that would put the U.S. in a position in which it could likely wage a full-on war with North Korea from the relative safety of the sea.

The world at large is heavily divided on how these embattled nations should proceed from here.  Russian and China have both warned against the U.S. employing force to bring Kim to heel, while South Korea, Japan, and the defectors from North Korea would certainly be thrilled to see Kim safely deposed.  The issue there, of course, would be how best to removed Kim and his goons from office without tripping some military booby-trap laid out by the Kim regime that would endanger, at the very least, South Korea and Japan, if not the entire planet.

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