The U.S. Military is Delivering Needed Relief to Haiti

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Haiti is a country that has been ravaged by not only Hurricane Matthew but also by a massive cholera outbreak.

The death toll is nearing a thousand. Joint Task Force Matthew was formed and boots hit the ground the day after the hurricane hit, leaving devastation in its wake. JTF Matthew is now comprised of more than 400 Marines, soldiers, sailors and airmen supporting the U.S. Agency for International Development’s disaster relief operations.

According to, Air Force Petty Officer 1st Class James Raynor said, “It was great to finally be on the ground and actually see … the people who need it most. I just pray to God they actually get it.” World Food Programme stated there have been reports of “security incidents” involving theft.

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American service people have been sleeping in tents near the flight line, living on Meals Ready to Eat and spending their days loading supplies in extreme heat onto Marine and Army aircraft or working with the Haitians.

It is back breaking hard work.

They have delivered nearly half a million pounds of food and supplies. So in the same month that over $8 million is being earmarked for sex changes in the military, it’s good to know that most of those in the military still feel they are there to serve instead of being served.

To all of OUR troops who believe their purpose is God, Family, Country — WE salute you; “Hooah” For those who may argue we need them here at home to help- THEY are. Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune and Marine Corps Air Station New River, in Jacksonville, N.C.,worked with local authorities to restore power said Nat Fahy, spokesperson for both bases.

125th Multi-Role Bridge Company (MRBC), for the S.C. Army National Guard, removed fallen trees along U.S. Highway 278 in Hilton Head Island These guys are not only cleaning up their bases but are also helping their civilian neighbors.

Fort Bragg’s Facebook Page posted:

“Clean up is going to be a full community effort. Work those legs and arms while the
gyms are closed by consolidating fallen tree branches into piles and raking the pine
needles out of the storm drains. … Let’s also check on our neighbors and help them out
with the yardwork. Units need to look beyond their unit footprint. This is, after all,
the center of the military universe, so we have quite a bit of real estate to cover.”

Some of the finest men and women who call America home and consider it a privilege to do so are showing what it truly means to serve.

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