U.S. Military Has “No Plans” to Hold Captured ISIS Fighters For More Than 30 Days

There are times that we are not prepared for all that comes our way. We have surprises arise several times a week. And at these times, we are forced to make up things as we go. This should be expected, and most of us can be gracious to others in those times. But, what if it was not unexpected?

What if there were a full four years to have some policy or standard operating procedure? Then, we would have no excuse for not being prepared. So, why is there no plan for ISIS criminals captured by our military?

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Fox reports

The U.S. military has no plans to hold captured Islamic State operatives for more than a month before turning them over to the Iraqi government, a spokesman for the U.S.-led coalition based in Baghdad told reporters Friday.


“Fourteen to 30 days is a ballpark figure, but even that is not really completely nailed down,” said Col. Steve Warren, a U.S. military spokesman based in Baghdad. “There isn’t a hard definition of short-term.”

It is not that there is no intention to send these criminals to Gitmo. What is troubling is that there does not seem to be a real plan at all. We know that to fail to plan is a plan to fail. But the news is not all bad.

According to Fox, the military retains the right to question these prisoners at any time. And as long as there is a working relationship with the Iraqi government this will work fine. But, what happens if that relationship falls apart?

Fox reports

“The law requires a comprehensive detainee policy,” a congressional aide said. “By definition, ‘we’ll figure it out if we ever capture anyone’ is not a comprehensive policy. “

So, this is not only unwise on our part; it is illegal. Well, then everyone relax; this is par for an Obama run Military, all is well.

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