U.S. Media Malarky No Match for Russia as Journalists Arm Themselves

These are trying times in the world of American “news” media, yet we can still take a look around the planet and thank our lucky stars that we live in this great nation.

Between the “fake” news nonsense that the political left cooked up in 2016, to the inevitable turn of phrase used by President Trump to cause a massive liberal backfire on the subject, American citizens have been hard pressed to understand fully what the mainstream media is doing.  We have “fake” news, hyper partisan news, satire, and opinion sites all vying for some piece of the legitimacy pie at the same time.

This stressful competition has sparked a conflict, not only between individual media outlets, but between the U.S. population and the mainstream media as a whole.  Americans are growing weary of the constant lies of CNN, the distortions of MSNBC, and the blatant censorship of the social media scene.

But, on the bright side, very few American journalists are being forced to arm themselves against assassins who are looking to stab them to death.

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“The editor of Russia’s most prominent opposition newspaper says he intends to arm his staff with guns that fire rubber bullets amid growing concern about attacks on journalists.

“Novaya Gazeta editor Dmitry Muratov discussed his plans two days after Tatiana Felgenhauer of Russia’s only independent news radio station, Ekho Moskvy, was stabbed in her studio.

“‘I will arm the newsroom,’ Muratov said on Russian radio, according to AFP. ‘We will also supply journalists with other security means that I don’t want to talk about … I have no other choice.’

“Several Novaya Gazeta journalists have been killed or died under mysterious circumstances, including renowned Kremlin critic Anna Politkovskaya, who was shot in 2006.

“In September 2016, journalists Yelena Kostyuchenko and Diana Khachatryan were beaten and dragged across the ground during a memorial service, The Moscow Times reported. Khachatryan said police on the scene did not try to stop the attack.

“Last month, Novaya Gazeta columnist Yulia Latynina fled Russia after feces were thrown in her face and her car caught fire, according to The Moscow Times.”

Given their predisposition toward the violent censorship of opposition views, it’s no wonder that the Russians were happy to provide the Hillary Clinton campaign with their Fusion GPS-funded phony “dossier” on Donald Trump’s supposed behavior in Moscow.

While there are certainly improvements to be made within the U.S. media system, news such as this coming out of Russia has a way of putting those complaints into perspective.

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