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U.S Looking to Bolster Pacific Radar Arrangement as North Korea Flexes

Kim Jong Un has been following a pattern of extremes during his so-far brief time at the helm of North Korea.

This is no new phenomenon for the “supreme” leader of the DPRK, however, as the nation has consistently employed a wide variety of tactics when negotiating on the world’s stage.

A constant game of cat and mouse has been the plan for Kim and his cronies, as the diminutive dictator will escalate and deescalate his rhetoric at the drop of a hat in order to frighten the rest of the globe.  His only bargaining chip on the world’s stage is the possibility that his maniacal whims will get the better of him, leading many to allow him free reign of the planetary propaganda game.

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This has not been the case with U.S. President Donald Trump, however, who has taken a much more serious approach to dealing with the unhinged tyrant.

“The United States has announced plans to install radar systems in Palau, a move that will increase its monitoring ability in the western Pacific region recently rocked by threats from North Korea.

“In a joint statement, the US Defense Department and the Palau government said they were working to finalise the location of radar towers on the archipelago nation of 22,000 people.

“‘The radar systems will provide Palau enhanced maritime law enforcement capability… while also providing the US with greater air domain awareness for aviation safety and security,’ they said in the statement dated Aug 21.

“While Palau is an independent nation, it has no military and the US is responsible for its defence under an agreement with Washington.

“Under the deal, the US military has access to the islands, although it currently has no troops stationed there.

“Palau is about 1,300km south-west of Guam, the US Pacific territory that Pyongyang threatened to fire missiles towards earlier this month, sparking rhetoric of  ‘fire and fury’ from President Donald Trump.”

North Korea’s constant aggression toward the United States is likely nothing more than a bargaining chip for the isolated nation.

The DPRK’s dependence on foreign allies makes it simple for opposing nations to inflict serious economic damage on the hermit kingdom.  During the most recent war of words, China has refused to buy coal from the North Koreans, effectively stymying nearly 40% of the tiny nation’s GDP.

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