U.S. to ISIS in Mosul: Leave Now or Die


The United States is no longer playing softball with ISIS in the Iraqi city of Mosul, and a direct and dire message has been sent to the Jihadists still holed up there.

Get out now or meet your maker.

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One of the campaign promises of Donald Trump was to eradicate ISIS as swiftly and thoroughly as he possibly could, invoking harsh language that came as a stark contrast to the kid gloves approach held by former President Barack Obama, who often refused to acknowledge the threat of radical Islamic terrorism by name.  Now that our Commander in Chief is no longer beholden to the do-nothing democrats, it seems that ISIS is actually on the run.

“At a press conference in Baghdad on Sunday, Brett McGurk, the Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition To Counter ISIS, delivered a major update on the U.S.-backed coalition’s offensive against IS-held Mosul. Following a meeting with Iraqi and Kurdish leaders, McGurk confirmed that ISIS is on the brink of defeat, with the group’s fighters falling like flies on the battlefield.

“Coalition forces are ‘committed to not just defeating them in Mosul, but making sure these guys cannot escape,’ he emphasized.

“Showing no mercy to an enemy that has forced the civilized world to revisit the question of man’s infinite capacity for barbarism, McGurk issued a final ultimatum to the apocalypse-minded jihadist insurgency:

“‘We now believe that we are killing too many of their fighters and they are not able to replace them. That was not the case even a year ago. So the flow has gone down. We are going to continue to tighten it up. And any of the fighters who are left in Mosul, they are going to die there, because they’re trapped.'”

This would of course be a massive accomplishment not only for the U.S. military, but for the Trump administration, given the incessant and pedantic hurdles being thrown at the President by every left-leaning politician, pundit, and pontificator within earshot of Washington D.C.

Good luck and Godspeed, gentlemen.

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