North Korea

U.S. Intelligence Personnel: Don’t Fall For North Korea’s Ruse at Olympics

The sudden and marked change in North Korea’s attitude in recent weeks, in the run up to The Winter Olympics, was a mysterious and worrisome development in a long history of deception by the DPRK.

The games, which are being hosted by North Korea’s mortal enemy South Korea, were once believed to be the perfect fodder for tyrannical tirades by “supreme leader” Kim Jong Un on of the North.  Many feared that the games’ proximity to the weapons of mass destruction possessed by the Kim regime would lead to a certain conflict between the two warring nations, carrying a heavy trepidation into this year’s contests.

Instead, North Korea has adopted a bizarrely conciliatory tone when it comes to South Korea and their esteemed piece of pageantry.

Instead of openly opposing the South and the Olympics, North Korea’s government groveled with their southerly neighbors to be included in the games, as well as pushing for the eventual display of unity at the opening ceremonies in which the two nations marched in together as a unified Korea.

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Global experts were puzzled, to say the least.  How could Kim Jong Un go from raving madman to diplomatic savant overnight?  Was this all a ruse?

The mainstream media fell for it, hook, line, and sinker.  CNN and others in the “fake news” field were completely enthralled by the appearance of Kim Yo Jong, Kim Jong Un’s sister, at the games, at times openly gushing over her stately presence.  Some even went so far as to compare her to the First Daughter, dubbing Kim Yo Jong the “Ivanka Trump of North Korea”.

All nonsense aside, it truly does seem that much of the world has suddenly accepted the idea of a diplomatic and amicable relationship with the brutal regime of North Korea, and U.S. intelligence experts are now warning the rest of the globe to tread carefully.

“Top U.S. intelligence officials warned lawmakers Tuesday not to be fooled by North Korea’s diplomatic outreach at the Olympic Games, reminding Congress at a high-profile hearing that the dictatorship still represents an ‘existential threat’ to the U.S.

“’We’ve all watched over the last week the smile campaign North Korea has inflicted on the South Korean people, the South Korean people seem to have been charmed to some degree, some of them seem to have been captivated by it,’ Sen. James Risch, R-Idaho, said.

“’From my point of view I think it’s nothing but a stall by the North Koreans to further develop what they’re trying to do and I suspect, in my judgment, we need to be very, very cautious of this,’ he added.

“Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats agreed with the assessment, and said that North Korea’s aggression was still an “existential threat” potentially to the U.S. and also to North Korea itself.”

We must remember that, at any moment, Kim Jong Un could launch a battery of artillery at Seoul, the capital of South Korea, that would kill tens of thousands.

The tension between North Korea and the rest of the civilized world should not be made to feel routine.  There is nothing routine about the depravity with which Kim and his goons dole out their perversions of justice, nor is there anything average about the continued use of over one dozen Nazi-style concentration camps within the borders of hermit kingdom.

All smiles and silver medals aside, North Korea is a problem whose solution had better be on the horizon.

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