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U.S. Hammering ISIS So Hard That We’re Running Out Of Bombs For North Korea?

President Donald Trump has made it very clear to the rest of the world:  The United States will no longer sit idly by as terrible people do terrible things around the globe.

Not only has the President conducted an insanely precise airstrike against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s ability to conduct further unethical chemical weapon attacks against his own people, but Trump has also inherited an incredibly complex and vast conflict with international terror organization ISIS.

In Afghanistan, where a majority of the United States’ anti-Jihad fighting is taking place, Trump ordered the use of the MOAB against a terrorist cave system.  The Massive Ordinance Air Blast, or Mother of All Bombs, was considered by many to be the U.S.’ most powerful non nuclear option for raining hell down on the bad guys, and was just a small piece of the total effort against ISIS.  An enormous fleet of drones has been patrolling the Afghan skies for years, maintaining as much order as possible.

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Now, with a conflict involving North Korea inevitably on the horizon, similar drone fleets have been moved to South Korea, causing some concern among military experts that the U.S. could be running out of bombs.

“But US Pacific commander Admiral Harry Harris said so many bombs were being dropped that ‘we need more’.

“He said: ‘Critical munitions shortfalls are my top war-fighting concern.’

“’We must maintain our capability to operate in contested environments. ‘

“’Additionally, we must continue to expand cross domain fires capabilities and focus on joint integration to strengthen deterrence and enable joint combined maneuver.’

“’Priorities include long-range and stand-off strike weapons, anti-ship weapons, advanced air to air munitions, theatre ballistic/cruise missile defence, torpedoes, naval mines, and a Cluster Munitions replacement.’”

The coming battle in North Korea will be a varied, multi-fronted effort, given North Korea’s surprisingly complex military machine.  Not only does the reclusive nation possibly boast the 4th largest army in the world, they are also in possession of a sizable fleet of extremely quiet diesel submarines which have proven difficult to detect.  Of course, there are also concerns that Kim Jong Un could have crude nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles, however, neither of those threats have proven to be all too concerning, given the recent launchpad failures endured by North Korea.


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