U.S. Government Declares It Has Metal From UFO in Las Vegas Warehouse

There are two government conspiracy theories that transcend the remainder of the unwashed and harebrained barely-formed thoughts:  The JFK assassination and the possibility of a government-UFO connection.

After Donald Trump released literally thousands of JFK files earlier this year, researchers were forced to admit that many of the revelations contained within had nothing at all to do with the death of a President, but rather clandestine and compartmentalized CIA maneuvers that had long been suspected.

On the UFO front, however, the answers have been forthcoming in earnest over the course of the last week after The Pentagon admitted to the world that they had not only spent $22 million researching the sightings of flying saucers over the American landscape, but that they weren’t able to explain it all away with another story about an errant weather balloon.

Now, something even more shocking is being gleaned from the figurative wreckage of the Pentagon’s once-secret program:  Literal wreckage.

“The Pentagon has reportedly recovered metal alloys from unidentified flying objects that scientists ‘do not recognise’.

“Materials, which are alleged to have ‘amazing properties’, are being stored in modified buildings in Las Vegas, the New York Times reports.

“The US Department of Defence (DoD) has admitted to a secret $22m (£15m) programme, which ran between 2007 and 2012, that was tasked with investigating reports of UFOs.

“Mr Blumenthal said the DoD ‘do not know’ what the materials are made of.

“’It’s some sort of compound they do not recognize,’ he added. “

While the New York Times has been registered to the fictional national database of “fake news” purveyors, their brand of tomfoolery would not allow for a complete crackpot to garner any headlines with them.

The admission that The DOD is holding onto mysterious alien materials in Las Vegas, Nevada should be headline numero uno the world over, but thanks to the mainstream media’s obsession with defaming the President of the United States, there is only minor coverage bouncing around the echo chambers of the left.

Their hate for the President is literally eclipsing a story about a crashed UFO.

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