U.S. Financial System Accessed By Iran Thanks To YOU-KNOW-WHO!

Much like the underperforming employee whose messes are only discovered after they are long gone, Barack Obama seems to have been secretly hoodwinking America during his time in the Oval Office.

We all know about some of the former President’s most egregious offenses against We The People, namely a mandate to buy health insurance and a policy of allowing the rest of the world to walk all over us, but the focus in recent weeks has been the horrendously lopsided Iran deal that Citizen President Donald Trump has recently indicated will be no more.

This was one of President Trump’s most adamant promises to the American people, and it only took him a little over a year to deliver.  The triumph came in spite of an incredible bit of “resistance” form the liberal left, who are actively attempting to tie the President to some bizarre Russian conspiracy theory cooked up by Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election.

As it turns out, Barack Obama’s nuclear deal wasn’t the only thing that he just handed over to the Islamic regime in Tehran.

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After striking an elusive nuclear deal with Iran, the Obama administration found itself in a quandary in early 2016: Iran had been promised access to its long-frozen overseas reserves, including $5.7 billion stuck in an Omani bank.

To spend it, Iran wanted to convert the money into U.S. dollars and then euros, but top U.S. officials had repeatedly promised Congress that Iran would never gain access to America’s financial system.

Those assurances notwithstanding, the Obama administration secretly issued a license to let Iran sidestep U.S. sanctions for the brief moment required to convert the funds through an American bank, an investigation by Senate Republicans released Wednesday showed. The plan failed when two U.S. banks refused to participate.

Yet two years later, the revelation is re-igniting the bitter debate over the nuclear deal and whether former President Barack Obama was too eager to grant concessions to Tehran.

And rightly so.  Some politicians on Capitol Hill were absolutely livid.

“The Obama administration misled the American people and Congress because they were desperate to get a deal with Iran,” said Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, who chairs the Senate panel that conducted the investigation.

And Republican Rep. Ed Royce, the House Foreign Affairs Committee chairman, accused Obama of trying to “hide a secret push to give the ayatollah access to the U.S. dollar.”

The move seems to solidify the opinion of many Americans that Barack Obama was simply a globalist leader in a nation of sovereign men and women, and truly had no place wielding the sort of power that the did.


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