BREAKING: U.S. Diplomats Left With “Symptoms” After “Incident” at Cuban Embassy

A peculiar occurence in Cuba in late July has left two U.S. diplomats with “symptoms” and two Cuban diplomats expelled.

Former President Barack Obama had attempted to normalize the U.S. relationship with Cuba during his lame duck term, but to little avail.  Obama’s plan opened up a tiny sliver of possible tourism to the adversarial island nation and decriminalized the possession of fine stogies from Havana, but did little to ease the tension between the two diametrically opposed countries.  President Donald Trump, sensing the uselessness of these revised conditions, has vowed to return to our longstanding posture on the subject.

Now, an incident that occurred in late July has left many scratching their heads, wondering just how safe our relations with our southerly truly are.

“Some United States government personnel on official duty in Havana, Cuba have reported feeling a variety of ‘physical symptoms’ following ‘incidents,’ according to a State Department spokesperson.

“There are concerns about the safety of these diplomats, and the FBI is currently investigating the matter, CBS Radio News reports. The U.S. responded by asking two Cuban officials in the U.S. to leave the country on May 23.”

News on the details of this incident are still being released, leaving us only with this vague notion that something nefarious is afoot.

Cuba has been at odds with the United States for several decades thanks to their communist allegiances during the Cold War, and hasn’t proven themselves above dastardly acts of cowardice and revenge.  While we will have to wait to garner any further details, it is safe to assume that the news of this incident will likely rock Washington to its core.

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