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U.S. Airport Security Getting Beefed Up Ahead of Summer Travel Season

Travelers have long complained about the ineffective and time consuming measures being forced upon them during their encounters with the TSA at American airports.

The inept and nearly criminal agency that was installed hastily after the terrorist attacks of 9/11 have been completely ineffective in their fight against terror, in so much as they have yet to nab any actual terrorists.  Instead, the Transportation Security Administration has spent the last 15 years groping us, taking naked X-rays of our bodies, and cupping the breasts of underage girls, all in the name of “safety”.

In reality, the TSA is what experts refer to as “security theater”:  the implied perception of enhanced security meant to deter the more casual offenders.  Your cold-blooded, caliphate types wouldn’t truly be deterred by these police-academy dropouts in their bright blue outfits.

Now, given some of the more terrifying pieces of information being gathered by our numerous intelligence agencies, the Department of Homeland Security is going to step in to solidify our security heading into the summer travel season.

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“The Department of Homeland Security on Wednesday called for new airline security measures, including increased screening, for flights into the U.S. from around the world.

“‘We send a clear message that inaction is not an option,’ DHS Secretary John Kelly said in Washington.

“U.S. officials briefed on the plans told Fox News that the DHS will push for the measures on domestic and foreign carriers coming into the U.S. from all 280 ports of departure across 105 countries. Officials said the changes will be ‘seen and unseen’ and will include increased explosive screening as well as a beefed-up security posture across the board.

“‘The idea is to raise the bar on global airline security,’ a senior DHS official said.

“The department will need cooperation from airlines, since the DHS does not have jurisdiction over airports in foreign countries.”

American travelers have been subjected to a great deal of airport grief in recent years, and it doesn’t seem to be letting up in the era of ISIS.

While the “unseen” portion of this enhanced security scheme will certainly be more effective than the goons in gloves that we are currently forced to allow to violate our privacy every time we book a flight, there are concerns in this realm as well.  With the advent and increasingly powerful technology behind facial recognition software and the global hacking epidemic colliding in our digital world, there are plenty of Constitution-busting possibilities that Americans should be aware of, particularly in the realm of the 4th Amendment.


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