TX Governor Gets HUGE Piece of Support For Women-Only Bathroom Bill

The dangerous, failed public bathroom policies of former President Barack Obama are finally on the verge of dismantlement, at least in the Lone Star State.

During the last few months of Obama’s lame duck term, the former President developed an unhealthy, and frankly strange, obsession with the transgender agenda.  There was no public outcry, nor was there a catalytic incident that sparked the President’s insistence on reclassifying Americans’ gender reality.  It was just another strange whim of a disastrous Commander in Chief with one foot already out the door.

Of Obama’s bizarre maneuvers pertaining to transgendered Americans was the announcement that public school across the nation would lose federal funding if they did not adhere to a widely criticized new policy of his:  All bathrooms would be available for use by anyone at any time.  That effectively meant that predatory males could choose to “identify” as a female and use the women’s bathroom or locker room without school officials being able to intervene, even for the sake of the safety of the institution’s female population.

Rightly, a great many Americans were up in arms over this absurd overreach of executive power.  A ransom being held against the safety of our nation’s young women is something that many in our great nation just could not stomach, with Texas Governor Greg Abbott being one of the more vocal opponents of the President’s shortsighted and asinine decree.  That is why Texas has chosen to do something about it, and Abbott himself is getting massive, viral support in this endeavor from none other than Dr. Steven Hotze.

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“Dr. Steven Hotze’s Facebook video post supporting Governor Abbott has gone viral. In his Facebook video post Dr. Hotze praised Gov. Abbott for calling a Special Session of the Texas Legislature on July 18 and saying that SB 6, the Women’s Privacy Act, ‘No Men in Women’s Bathrooms!’, would be added to the call.

“The response has been extraordinary! It has been viewed 265,000 times, has reached 490,000 of our supporters, had 15,200 likes, 2,000 comments and 1,600 shares. It can be viewed on Facebook at www.CRTXNEWS.com.”

“In his Facebook video Dr. Hotze says, ‘Hurray to Gov. Abbott for calling a Special Session of the Texas Legislature for July 18. Abbott has called it to take up 20 issues. One of the most important issues that he is going to take up is Senate Bill 6 (SB 6), the Women’s Privacy Act, “No Men in Women’s Bathrooms!” Many of you have been calling and emailing the governor’s office asking him to do this. I want you to call up Gov. Abbott and thank him for putting SB 6 on the call for the Special Session of the Texas Legislature.’ Dr. Hotze then thanked Gov. Abbott. ‘Give him a call and let him know that you appreciate him. We thank you, Gov. Abbott, for taking a stand!’

“Dr. Hotze went on to say, ‘Gov. Abbott, I want to thank you for taking a stand for women’s rights. I know that you believe that women and girls need to be protected, their privacy and safety, when they enter a bathroom, shower or locker room, so God bless you Gov. Abbott. Be sure to call Gov. Abbott and thank him.’”

Dr. Hotze is just one of a vast majority of Americans who believe in the common sense approach to gender neutrality, as it pertains to the safety of Americans – particularly women and young women.

Once again, it must be reiterated that the left’s outreach to such tiny fringe groups in American society is simply another voter registration push for the imploding democratic party.  The choices being made by the nearly-defunct DNC have morally bankrupted the entire party, and their only hope for power in this new, common-sense, conservative America is to circle the wagons around smaller and smaller groups of confused and disenfranchised Americans in hopes of securing their vote.

If you would like to let Governor Abbott know that you support his work on SB 6, you can call reach his office by dialing (512) 463-2000.

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