Two Major Liberal U.S. Cities Struck With Unusual Power Outages on Same Day

As the world itself seems prone to some form of daily chaos in recent weeks, two major cities in the United States suffered devastating power outages today.

The month of April has not been kind to our nation’s infrastructure.  Not only did a massive section of interstate 85 in Atlanta, Georgia catch on fire and collapse this month, but now it looks as though major cities on both coasts are experiencing damaging power outages.

“Major power outages caused chaos on mass transit systems in both New York and San Francisco Friday, with parts of both cities’ systems still suffering ongoing outages or delays into the pre-weekend afternoon commute.

“The outages occurred on the heels of an Infrastructure Report Card that gave poor grades to both mass transit and power systems across the country.

“In New York, platforms were packed and riders were stuck underground in the dark when an outage in Midtown Manhattan backed up trains all over the city Friday morning. Gov. Andrew Cuomo said a Con Edison equipment failure knocked out signals, escalators, communications and lights at the station.

“A continent away in San Francisco, a power outage forced the closure of the busy Montgomery BART Station, and also knocked out traffic lights and cable car lines. The Montgomery station is a key stop all BART lines coming into the city.”

While these outages and infrastructure failures are certainly worrisome, U.S. President Donald Trump has already established himself as an effective and decisive leader.  Should the infrastructure make it to his agenda, you had better believe that our report card score will improve.  Rapidly.


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