Two Concealed Carriers Shoot, Kill Armed Robber

Two armed, masked men entered a barbershop in Columbia, South Carolina and demanded people’s money. Two concealed carriers responded and shot one of the suspects who was eventually pronounced dead at the hospital. The whereabouts of the other suspect are unknown at this time. WISTV reported:

Two concealed weapons holders who were victims of an armed robbery at a Columbia barbershop shot and killed one of the suspects on Friday night.


Several people, including children, were inside the business when two armed men wearing masks demanded and stole money from them.

Two of the victims with valid concealed weapons permits shot at both suspects, hitting one of them. The wounded suspect ran from the barbershop and collapsed outside.

He was taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead by medical staff a short time later, according to police.

CPD is investigating how the second suspect escaped from the scene, and whether he’s suffering from any injuries.

The victims were not physically injured during the incident.

Police said one of the suspect’s weapons was reported stolen from a south Columbia home in 2012.

As reason to oppose gun control laws, gun rights advocates often cite the easy possibility of a criminal stealing a gun when he knows he wouldn’t be able to pass the required background check in order to obtain a firearm. As the National Journal pointed out:

Curbing gun violence from criminals would require serious attempts to understand how guns get into their hands in the first place. Criminals have only a few ways to get a gun, assuming they can’t pass a background check — buying it at a gun show or online, buying it on the black market, or stealing it.

Earlier this month, 30-year-old Edward Archer opened fire on a Philadelphia police officer at a traffic intersection. He reportedly shot at the cop some 13 times, seriously injuring him. The cop was able to chase after Archer and subdue him. According to Archer, he wanted to kill the cop “for Allah.” The gun he used was stolen from another Philadelphia police officer in 2012. – Columbia, South Carolina

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