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Twitter’s Free Speech Alternative REMOVED By Google

The war against our freedom of speech in America is heating up right below our noses, while a great majority of us are distracted by the media talking heads and their contrived and controlled chaos.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not easy to keep your head from spinning in this day and age.  We are virtually at war with one another, thanks to the poking and prodding of the dinosaur media of the television industry who have been pushing the idea of a “New Civil War” for months in an effort to create a ratings-worthy spectacle to report on.  One way in which these media miscreants are hoping to ignite this furious fervor is by limiting the concept of Free Speech in America – a nuclear option that forces Americans to evaluate exactly where they stand on the idea of freedom at all.

One of the most prominent battlefields in this fight has been the internet, where Twitter, Facebook, and others have seemingly joined a concerted effort to stamp out the very idea of American traditionalism by removing conservative, liberty-forward personalities at an alarming rate.

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Naturally, under their defense of being a “private company” who can do whatever they wish, Twitter has specifically sparked the race for an alternative to their fascist censorship.  The leading option was a site known as

Unfortunately, Gab was just a bit too “free” for the folks at Google.

Google Play Store, the app store for Android cell phones, recently decided to crack down on its hate-speech policy. Recently,, a social media platform that markets itself as an alternative to Twitter, was “suspended and removed” on September 9 from the Google Play Store yet again. That’s because, according to Google, the app “violated the hate speech policy.”

While the site has some questionable users, is focused on allowing freedom of speech on its platform. This is the second version of the app that the site had launched. On Twitter, the profile said it had a “global filter on ‘hate speech’ words” and tried to fully comply with Google Play’s policy.

If we were to boil this struggle down to its basic distillate, we are looking at the idea of freedom raging against the idea of globalist censorship under the pretense of “not offending anyone”.

And no, I’m not condoning hate speech.  I’m merely condoning the idea that we, as rational human beings, can discern for ourselves whether or not we are personally going to subscribe to, or lend credence to these cretinous creatures by engaging with them.

For instance, is it better to “punch a nazi”, as millennials say, or is it better to push these abhorrent racists into a dark corner of the internet where they can fester and radicalize, only to emerge as something unrecognizable and possibly more powerful because of it?

Sunlight is the best disinfectant, folks, and I’d rather see the enemy coming than not.

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